Are you considering taking online courses to improve your skills or learn something new? If so, you’re not alone. As technology keeps getting better and people want more flexible and easy ways to learn, online education is becoming more and more popular. Whether you’re looking to upskill for your existing job or learn a new skill to kickstart your journey in online business, we’re going to cover the best websites for online courses in this article.

Websites for online learning 2023 -

The Best Websites for Online Courses & Online Learning

The realm of online education offers a plethora of resources for learners seeking knowledge across numerous disciplines. Many websites provide a diverse range of online classes that cater to a variety of needs, from hobbyists looking to learn a new skill to professionals aiming to further their career.

Among these, a select few stand out as the best online course platforms due to their quality, variety, and accessibility. These websites offer a broad spectrum of free courses and paid programs, allowing learners to choose what suits their needs and budget best.

One unique feature of these top online course websites is their offer of a free trial, allowing prospective learners to gauge the quality and relevance of the course material before committing to a full course. The multitude of courses available in these platforms cover everything from the arts to sciences, business to technology, enabling you to find just about any topic you’re interested in.

In addition to course material, these platforms often provide valuable resources such as interactive elements, quizzes, assignments, and even forums where learners can interact and learn from each other. These aspects not only enrich the learning experience but also allow students to gauge their understanding of the material and receive feedback.

In a nutshell, these best online training platforms democratize education by making it accessible to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. All you need is an internet connection and an eagerness to learn.

Finding the Best Websites for Online Courses

The digital landscape offers a wealth of resources for those looking to further their education or pick up a new skill. An assortment of websites deliver free online courses, covering a broad spectrum of topics, thereby catering to a wide array of learning needs.

These platforms are dedicated to open learning and aim to make education accessible to all. Each platform is distinct in its offerings. Some offer courses that are completely free, while others might provide free access to course materials with optional paid certification. The diversity in these platforms ensures there is something for everyone, regardless of their learning needs or budget constraints.

The courses range across multiple disciplines, from arts and humanities to technology and business. Not limited to textual content, these platforms offer video courses for more visual learners, featuring lectures from industry experts and experienced professors.

To sum up, the online educational sphere brims with opportunities for learners globally. From free online resources to paid certification programs, these platforms make it possible for anyone, anywhere, to pursue their passion for learning and self-improvement.

1. Udemy

Websites for online courses - Udemy -

Key Features

Udemy is one of the most popular websites for online courses on a variety of topics. It caters to all types of learners, from novices to professionals, and you can take courses in subjects ranging from business, economics, and technology to music, art, and languages. You can learn new skills, expand your knowledge, and boost your career from the comfort of your own home with Udemy.

Udemy offers a wide range of features to enhance your learning experience. Some of the most notable features include:

Lifetime Access: If you buy a course on Udemy, you’ll always have access to it for life, no matter how many times you need to come back and review the material.

Downloadable Resources: Many courses on Udemy include supplementary materials that can be downloaded and saved for later use, such as PDFs, articles, and worksheets.

Quizzes & Tests: Many Udemy courses provide quizzes and tests to help you gauge your progress and evaluate your knowledge.

Community: Udemy’s vast student body means you can talk to other people in your position and learn from their perspectives and questions.

Mobile Access: Because Udemy has a mobile app, you can access your courses from your phone or tablet anywhere you go.

Pros of Udemy

What makes Udemy one of the best websites for online courses?

Wide Selection of Courses: Udemy has an extensive library of courses, so you’re sure to find one that meets your needs and interests.

Affordable Prices: Many courses on Udemy are available at a fraction of the cost of traditional college courses, and there are often sales and discounts available.

Expert Instructors: Udemy’s instructors are usually experts in their fields and bring real-world experience to the table.

Convenient Learning: Udemy offers flexible and self-paced learning, so you can learn at your own speed and on your own schedule.

High-Quality Content: Udemy courses are designed to be engaging, interactive, and informative, and the platform is constantly updating and refining its offerings.

Cons of Udemy

While Udemy has many advantages, there are also a few downsides to consider:

Lack of Structure: Udemy courses are self-paced and don’t have a set schedule, which can be both a pro and a con.

Inconsistent Course Quality: With so many courses on Udemy, the quality of each one can vary significantly. Some courses are well-structured and informative, while others are poorly organized or outdated.

Limited Interaction: Udemy is a big site with a lot of students, so you may not be able to talk to instructors or other students much.

Overall Rating – 4.7 / 5

Udemy is a great choice for people who want to learn new skills or move up in their careers. It has a wide range of courses, reasonable prices, and experienced teachers, making it a top choice for online education.But it’s important to do a lot of research on the courses you’re interested in to make sure they meet your standards for quality and structure. Course quality can vary. 

2. Coursera

Websites for online courses - Coursera -

Key Features

Next on our list of websites for online courses is Coursera. Coursera is one of the biggest online course platforms in the world. It has a huge number of courses from top universities and organizations. Coursera started in 2012 and now has served more than 200 million users all over the world. 

Coursera provides classes in a wide range of disciplines, such as business, computer science, the arts and humanities, health and medical, and more. Courses are designed to be as challenging as those at top-tier universities like Stanford and Princeton, where many of the instructors on Coursera also teach.

Coursera’s many concentrations aim to give students in-depth education in a particular field. Many of these concentrations require students to take a series of courses that build upon one another and culminate in one capstone project. Coursera also provides professional certificates that can be used to demonstrate your mastery in a specific field.

Pros of Coursera

There are several advantages to using Coursera, including:

  • Access to high-quality courses from top universities and organizations
  • A wide range of subjects and specializations to choose from
  • Opportunities for professional development and career advancement
  • The ability to earn a certificate or degree from a top university

Cons of Coursera

Despite its many benefits, Coursera dooes has a few drawbacks, including:

  • The cost of some courses or specializations can be relatively high
  • The quality of courses may vary, and it can be difficult to determine the best course for a particular subject
  • Some courses do require a significant time commitment.

Overall Rating – 4.6 / 5

Coursera is an excellent choice for those wishing to broaden their knowledge, enhance their jobs, or acquire a certificate or degree from a prestigious university. Coursera offers a full online education experience with its broad course options, high-quality courses, and skilled teachers.


3. Skillshare

Websites for online courses - Skillshare -

Key Features

Our list of websites for online courses could not be complete without mentioning the powerhouse that is Skillshare. Skillshare is a leading online learning platform that provides access to thousands of courses in various categories, including technology, design, business, and creative arts.  

Since its start in 2010, Skillshare has been a popular way for people to learn new things and improve their skills. 

Skillshare’s large course library, which covers a wide range of topics and specialties, is one of its best features. Whether you want to advance in your job, learn a new software application, or improve your photography, Skillshare has something for everyone.

The courses on Skillshare are fun and interactive, and they’re also available in a variety of formats, such as video lessons, interactive projects, and hands-on exercises. Skillshare makes money by using a marketplace model. Most of its revenue comes from monthly, yearly, and business subscriptions from its users.

Pros of Skillshare

There are a lot of upsides to using Skillshare as a website for online courses. 

  • Because courses can be accessed from any computer or mobile device, the platform makes it easy to study and learn from anywhere in the world. 
  • Courses on Skillshare are reasonably priced, making it a viable alternative for anyone interested in expanding their skill set.
  • By joining the platform’s helpful community of students and teachers, you can find others who share your interests and get help with your studies.

Cons of Skillshare

While Skillshare has many benefits, there are also some drawbacks to consider. 

  • Not all of its courses are of equal quality, which can make it difficult to find the right course for you. 
  • Some courses are not as comprehensive or in-depth as those offered by other online learning platforms
  • Lastly, Skillshare does not offer formal certifications for its courses, which can be a drawback for those who want to showcase their skills and knowledge to potential employers.

Overall Rating – 4.6 / 5

If you want to expand your horizons and learn something new, Skillshare is a fantastic resource. They’ve always placed a large emphasis on User Experience and their platform is one of the most visually appealing on our list of websites for online courses. It’s a relatively low cost to get started and you can cancel your subscription at any time. 

4. edX

Best online learning websites - Skillshare -

edX is another powerhouse when it comes to websites for online courses. In 2012, Harvard University and MIT launched edX, a non-profit online learning platform. Even though it’s a non-profit edX’s estimated annual revenue is currently $106.1M per year.

It offers online courses from some of the best universities and organizations in the world, like Harvard, MIT, the University of California, Berkeley, and many others. The goal is to make education cheap and available to everyone. 

The website offers a diverse choice of courses in subjects such as computer science, business, and humanities, as well as certified credentials for successful completion.

Key Features

The fact that edX provides courses and programs developed by prestigious academic institutions is one of its most appealing features. Everything from data science and programming to business and humanities are covered in their course catalog. edX wants to give students a full-fledged learning experience by offering interesting videos, quizzes, and places for students and teachers to talk to each other.

As a student on edX, you can study at your own convenience and speed thanks to the on-demand nature of the courses. You’ll also be able to use the edX Mobile app for iOS or Android to keep up with your studies on the go.

Pros of edX

There are a lot of benefits to using edX:

  • Access to top-quality education thanks to its partnerships with major universities
  • A wide range of excellent courses taught by top academic professors
  • Flexibility to learn at your own pace with their on-demand courses and mobile apps
  • Verified completion certificates that you can add to Linekdin and your Resume

Cons of edX

  • Limited access to some courses that require you to register and pay the relevant course fee
  • No in-person interaction with professors or peers can be a limiting factor for some students
  • Self paaced learning can be challengin for certain students who need more structure and accountability 

Overall Rating – 4.4 / 5

edX is one of the most comprehensive and easy to use websites for online learning on our list.  It gives students access to high-quality education from some of the best universities and schools in the world. By the end of 2020, edX had over 35 million registered students and 110 million enrollments. Join them today and start your learning journey on edX. 

5. Masterclass

Best online learning websites - Masterclass -

Key Features

Masterclass is one of our websites for online courses that is certainly on the premium end of the scale! Masterclass hosts video lectures given by some of the world’s most well-known experts in their respective fields. Whether its cooking with Gordon Ramsay or learning to write with Margaret Atwood, Masterclass has something special to offer.

With an annual membership, members can take classes from any of the more than 100 instructors in 11 categories. Stream when, where, and how you want.

Masterclass stands apart in large part due the caliber of its instructors. More than eighty of the world’s best chefs, singers, filmmakers, writers, and sportsmen have signed on to the platform as experts. These experts provide in-depth video lessons, complete with interactive quizzes, workshops, and peer reviews to help students learn and apply the material.

Masterclass is also different because it works hard to make classes more affordable and open to more people. Masterclass gives its students unlimited access to all of its courses for a single payment. This lets them learn at their own pace and advance in their chosen field.

Pros of Masterclass

Using Masterclass for online courses has many benefits. 

  • The quality of the instructors is unmatched, with some of the world’s most known professionals. 
  • You pay once and have unlimited access to all courses on the site.
  • It provides a welcoming and engaging space for students to study.

Cons of Masterclass

There are a few cons to consider when using Masterclass for online education.

  • It is currently only available in English, which could be difficult for some non-english speaking users.
  • Their classes can be very time-consuming and strenuous, making them unsuitable for those who are short on time or who would rather learn at their own pace.
  • Rather than teaching students specific skills and techniques, Masterclass focuses on giving them a broad introduction to the topic at hand. Students who prefer more detailed learning opportunities may find this lacking.

Overall Rating – 4.5 / 5

Overall, Masterclass is a great choice for anyone hoping to broaden their knowledge base and learn from masters of their craft. Masterclass is a one-of-a-kind and invaluable resource for anybody wishing to make an investment in their personal development, making it a natural fit as one of our top websites for online courses. 

6. Linkedin Learning

Best online learning websites - Linkedin Learning -

Key Features

LinkedIn Learning is an online platform for learning that has thousands of video tutorials on topics like business, technology, creativity, and more. It used to be known as, but LinkedIn bought Lynda in 2015. 

The goal of the platform is to help businesses and individuals improve their skills and achieve their professional goals.

LinkedIn Learning has content for people who are studying for professional certification exams or getting continuing education credits, in addition to individual courses.

LinkedIn Learning lets you take more than 16,000 courses taught by experts in your field.

Their video lessons and tutorials are professionally produced with clear audio and high quality video. They’re also interactive, so you can ask questions and get answers from instructors and other users.

The platform is seamlessly integrated with LinkedIn, allowing you to showcase your achievements and new skills directly on your LinkedIn profile.

Machine learning algorithms are used by LinkedIn Learning to recommend courses to users based on their job titles, interests, and past course history.

Pros of Linkedin Learning

Using Linkedin Learning as your go to website for online courses has a few benefits: 

  • LinkedIn Learning is more affordable than traditional education because you can pay for it on a monthly or yearly basis.
  • Flexible and convenient. Learn at your own pace and in your own time.
  • Their video tutorials are well-made and of high quality.
  • It is seamlessly integrated with LinkedIn, allowing you to show off your accomplishments and new skills directly on your profile.

Cons of Linkedin Learning

There are also a few cons to consider when using Linkedin Learning:

  • You can’t download courses to watch them offline, even though there is a mobile app for the platform.
  • The majority of courses do not have certifications associated with them.
  • The platform doesn’t have any live classes, which makes it hard for people to get help and support in real time.

Overall Rating – 4.3 / 5

If you want to improve your professional skills, LinkedIn Learning might be worth it for you, especially if you are an active Linkedin user. 

LinkedIn Learning often changes the courses it offers because it is based on data. Every week, 50 new courses are added to the platform, and there is free content to help you learn in-demand skills. As far as websites for online courses go, Linkedin Learning is another great option on our list. 

7. Udacity

Websites for online courses - Linkedin Learning -

Key Features

Last but certainly not least on our list of websites for online courses is Udacity. Udacity is a for-profit MOOC provider. It teaches business-related programming skills and gives you credentials that top technology companies recognize.

Students can learn advanced digital skills through Udacity courses for a lot less money and in a lot less time than they could at a traditional university. Udacity’s goal is to help people learn the skills they need to get a job or move up in their careers.

Founded in 2012 by two Stanford University professors, Udacity has grown to serve over 50 million students worldwide.

The courses on Udacity are self-paced, which means you can start and finish them whenever you want. Udacity also offers online certifications called “nanodegrees” in certain fields of study. The courses for these nanodegrees are based on projects; they give you real-world experience, and they help you with your career.

Pros of Udacity

Udacity offers a range of benefits with their online courses:

  • Industry-focused content taught by professionals in the field, so you can be sure that what you learn is up-to-date and useful.
  • You’ll get support from Udacity’s mentors, who give you feedback and support that is tailored to you.
  • The courses on Udacity are self-paced, so you can learn at your own pace and fit your education into your schedule.
  • The nanodegrees offered by Udacity come with career support that helps you find jobs in your field of study.

Cons of Udacity

There are also a few cons to consider when using Udacity:

  • Compared to other MOOCs, Udacity’s courses and nanodegrees can be more expensive.
  • Udacity focuses on technology-related subjects, so it won’t be suitable for people who want to learn about other things.
  • Udacity’s courses and nanodegrees are not accredited, so they may not be recognized by some employers or other educational institutions.

Overall Rating – 4.5 / 5

Overall, Udacity is one of the more well regarded websites for online courses in the technology space. It’s a great choice for people who want to learn skills that are in demand because it has content that is specific to an industry, personalized support, and self-paced learning. However, it may not be right for some students because of how much it costs and how little it covers.

Key Takeaways: The Best Websites for Online Courses in 2023

Websites for online courses 2023 -

In the current competitive job landscape, many are harnessing the power of online education platforms to broaden their skills and foster professional growth. Each of the best online course websites discussed provides its unique blend of benefits and challenges.

These platforms offer an expansive variety of courses, all taught by experts in their respective fields. Whether you’re seeking to sharpen your creativity, advance your career, or simply quench your thirst for knowledge, you can find a course tailored to your needs on these educational websites.

From training courses available online to comprehensive education courses, these platforms provide an array of learning opportunities. The best part? Many of these courses are free, making quality education accessible to everyone.

Your personal preferences, specific needs, and ultimate learning goals should steer your choice of an online learning site. With a plethora of great courses on offer for free, these platforms have revolutionized the concept of free learning. In essence, the best online learning doesn’t always have to come with a hefty price tag. So, gear up and dive into the abundant resources these best free online education sites have to offer.

In the vast ocean of online education, platforms like Open Yale Courses emerge as valuable islands of knowledge, offering free access to a plethora of topics straight from respected university professors. Such sites for free learning stand as a testament to the fact that obtaining a high-quality education no longer requires a lofty tuition fee. From short courses that offer a quick dive into a subject to more extensive certificate courses that provide comprehensive knowledge and a verifiable credential, these platforms have got you covered.

If you’re looking for the best online classes, consider both free and paid options to broaden your horizons. Each learning resource in the online educational ecosystem, offering thousands of classes across a wide spectrum of disciplines, caters to different learning needs and goals. It’s important to remember that the ‘best’ platform isn’t necessarily the one with the most classes or the highest prices, but the one that offers quality courses tailored to your objectives. With this understanding, you’re well on your way to making the most out of online learning and furthering your personal and professional development.