The TikTok Creator Fund is a program designed to support and reward top content creators on the popular video-sharing platform. It is designed to incentivize producers to make videos with a high production value and a strong emotional connection to TikTok’s worldwide audience by paying them for their work.

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If you join the Creator Fund, you’ll get access to special perks that will help you attract more fans and make more money. This post will walk you through the steps of signing up for the TikTok Creator Fund and offer advice on making the most of this opportunity.

In the early spring of 2021, TikTok committed an initial USD $200 million to the Creator Fund. The company says it established the fund “to support those who dream of leveraging their voices and creativity to start inspirational careers.”

As you’ll see, the TikTok Creator Fund was an instant hit, despite some controversy. Because of the fund’s success, TikTok plans to raise the fund to $1 billion in the next three years.

Why do they call it the “TikTok Creator Fund”?

Well, according to TikTok themselves:

“The Creator Fund is not a grant or ad revenue sharing programme. Creators receive funds based on a variety of factors from their videos, and creators will know that performance on TikTok is dynamic – it changes naturally – so your funds will ebb and flow in the same way.”

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TikTok has been quite tight-lipped regarding its payout scheme, but it’s safe to say that users who satisfy their criteria and produce popular videos will be rewarded for their efforts. TikTok uses metrics such as video views, likes, comments, and even location to determine how much to pay its creators.

How To Join the TikTok Creator Fund

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility requirements for creators to qualify for the TikTok Creator Fund vary depending on the region and the specific fund. It’s important to note that there are some baseline standards that authors may need to adhere to.

Number of followers: Funding is often given to creators who have reached a certain threshold of followers on their TikTok account. To guarantee the cash is used to support creators who have already amassed a sizable fan base, this stipulation is in place.

Engagement Rate: Funding eligibility may also be contingent on the creator’s engagement rate, measured by metrics like the video’s average number of views, likes, and comments. This stipulation is put in place to ensure that the cash goes to those who are currently making content that is both high-quality and popular with their intended audience.

Video Views: Some funding sources may have a minimum requirement for the number of times a video has been seen. This stipulation is put in place so that the fund can be distributed to those creators who have built up a substantial following on the site.

Specific Niches: Some subsidies may be restricted to authors working within a specified genre, such as instructional, humorous, or beauty-related content.

Geographic Location: Some investments are limited to a given region or country.

Legal Requirements: For some forms of funding, creators may need to prove that they meet specific legal conditions, such as being a citizen or permanent resident of a particular nation or reaching a specific age.

Before applying, creators should research the exact eligibility conditions for each fund, as they may differ based on the fund and the geographic region.

A creator can apply for funding after they have met the criteria. During the application process, creators are asked to detail their accounts, content, and professional aspirations. An in-depth business plan explaining how the creator intends to invest the money is also often required.

It’s worth noting that you’ll need to upgrade to a Pro account before you apply to the TikTok creator fund. It’s easy to set one up: To upgrade to a paid Pro account, simply tap “Manage Account” within the app’s Settings menu and then click on “Switch to Pro Account”.

For most regions and funds, the following is an outline of minimum eligibility requirements:

  • You’ll need a Pro account (but upgrading is simple if you don’t already have one).
  • You need a minimum of 10,000 followers.
  • Your need at least 100,000 views in the last 30 days.

TikTok‘s team makes the final call, and they factor on things like a creator’s popularity, the size of their viewership, and the quality of their videos. After being chosen, creators have the chance to get funding and other tools to help them develop their brand and reach more users throughout the network.

To apply for the TikTok creator fund, you’ll also need to be18 or older and comply with the site’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. You need to create something truly unique if you want to monetize your efforts.

Applying For The TikTok Creator Fund

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TikTok lays out some pretty simple steps to actually apply for the TikTok Creator Fund:

You can access and apply for the creator fund directly through the TikTok app. Here’s how; 

  1. Go to the Settings menu and select Your Creator or Pro Account.
  2. Select “TikTok Creator Fund.”
  3. You’ll see an application option if you meet the requirements.
  4. Verify that you are older than 18.
  5. Read the TikTok Creator Fund Agreement and accept it.
  6. You can begin making money from the success of your material after it has been approved. 
  7. Your Creator Fund dashboard will show you how much money you have already earned.

Applicants to the TikTok creator fund must patiently await a response to their submissions. If you get approval, you will be notified and given instructions on how to proceed.

TikTok creators should check the fund’s website frequently or subscribe to their notifications to stay updated, as the fund is not always open for application and is sometimes opened for a set period of time or for a specific region.

TikTok Creator Fund Pay

The TikTok Creator Marketplace operates as a significant platform where creators can showcase their talent and monetize it. As a creator, using the right creator tools can greatly enhance the content you put out there in your TikTok videos, potentially leading to higher earnings. The TikTok community guidelines serve as the backbone for all creators, setting the rules and expectations to maintain a positive and respectful environment.

The calculation of payouts for the TikTok Creator Fund follows certain criteria. The potential earnings of a creator are not simply based on an arbitrary scale, but rely heavily on several specific factors. The number of views and the quality of those views can significantly influence the income earned. Furthermore, engagement levels with the content, including likes, shares, and comments, also play a pivotal role in determining the payout. Lastly, adherence to the platform’s community guidelines and terms of service is not just recommended, but necessary. Content that violates these standards might not only result in lower earnings but could also risk the creator’s position in the TikTok Creator Marketplace. Therefore, as creators aim to earn money on this platform, understanding these dynamics can make a significant difference.

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Since there is no one “typical” creator or “typical” video, the money will be used to back an unlimited variety of content types.

The daily total of the Creator Fund varies according to the number of videos uploaded to our platform by our community.

The TikTok Creator Fund pays its contributors at its discretion. Still, many creators have spoken publicly about their experiences with the Creator Fund.

Most estimates place TikTok’s payout per thousand views at between 2 and 4 cents. A rough estimate puts the amount you can expect at $20-$40 once your video has received a million views. 

This may not sound like much at first glance. However, keep in mind that the purpose of the fund is to encourage creators to keep creating. If you learn how to make viral videos on TikTok, you might potentially amass millions of views every week.

Once you’ve hit the payout threshold of at least $10 from the Fund, you can simply withdraw your payout using an online with Paypal or Zelle. 

How the Creator Fund Benefits Creators

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Creators can partner with companies and other creators through the TikTok Creator Fund to increase their revenue and audience on the app. Some of the opportunities that creators can take advantage of include:

Brand Collaborations: Creators can receive financial support from brands in exchange for creating sponsored content or taking part in brand campaigns. Working together has the potential to increase creators’ exposure and income. TikTok is becoming increasingly important to brands as a marketing platform, and brands are wanting to collaborate with creators who have a sizable and active following.

Creator Collaborations: TikTok, with its 1 billion users, has truly become a platform where creativity thrives. Its creator program encourages users to develop incredible TikTok videos, rewarding them via the creator fund. The functionality of this creator fund is intriguing, as it supports and encourages creators to take their creativity to the next level. Creators can benefit from collaborations within this vast community of over 200 million active users. TikTok provides funds for creators to work together, producing content, promoting each other’s channels, or participating in community events and challenges. Through such collaborations, creators can amplify their reach and connect with new audiences, propelling their growth on the platform.

Access to Resources & Support: Moreover, the platform provides creators with access to a wealth of resources and support. This is a valuable benefit of the TikTok creator fund, as it can assist in the expansion of creators’ accounts and personal brands. Through resources like cutting-edge equipment, specialized training, and mentorship, creators can enhance their content production skills. Further support is provided in the form of promotional assistance, audience development strategies, and monetization tactics.

However, like any program, the TikTok creator fund has its pros and cons. The potential for income and growth is substantial, but it is also important for creators to consider the platform’s regulations, the competitive nature of content creation, and the challenge of consistently producing unique, engaging content. Nonetheless, for those committed to honing their craft and growing their brand, TikTok’s creativity program can be a highly rewarding venture.

Networking Opportunities: Creators that receive money from TikTok also have the opportunity to network with both other supported creators and marketers who are interested in collaborating with them. Creators can use this to begin or expand their professional networks.

It is important to remember that these opportunities are not guaranteed and can change based on the particulars of the fund and the creator’s proposal. However, creators can increase their chances of success and grow their audience by applying for funding from the TikTok Creator Fund.

Successful Creators on the TikTok Creator Fund

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There are tons of examples of successful creators who have received funding from the TikTok Creator Fund. Here are a few examples:

@bellapoarch: Originally from the Philippines, Bellapoarch has amassed a massive following of more than 40 million TikTok users. The TikTok Creator Fund has provided her with cash to develop her brand and reach a wider audience. She has used the money to work with other creators on joint projects and to take part in ad campaigns.

@thehannahstocking: U.S.-based Hannah Stocking is a popular TikTok creator with over 40 million fans. The TikTok Creator Fund has provided her with cash to develop her business and increase her audience. The support has allowed her to work with other artists on high-quality content, take part in ad campaigns, and expand her audience.

@david dobrik: Another U.S.-based TikTok star, David Dobrik has amassed a fan base of more than 50 million people. The TikTok Creator Fund has provided him with funds to develop his company and increase its visibility further. 

@maddiemoo hoo: United States-based TikTok star Maddie Mooney has amassed a massive fan base of more than 15 million viewers. The TikTok Creator Fund has provided her with a financial boost, allowing her to develop her brand and attract a wider audience.

Some of the many successful creators who have benefited from the TikTok Creator Fund include the ones listed above. All of them have utilized the money to expand their operations, enhance their material, and attract a wider audience. These real-world examples show how the TikTok Creator Fund has the ability to aid creators on the platform.

Key Points of the Creator Fund

  • The TikTok Creator Fund is a program established by TikTok to support and empower creators on the platform.
  • Creators can use the fund’s money and other resources to build their brands and reach more users throughout the platform.
  • There are requirements for the fund, such as a minimum number of followers, engagement rate, and video views, that creators must meet in order to qualify for financial support.
  • Team members at TikTok make the final call on which creators are featured, taking into account factors like the number and activity of their following and the overall quality of their videos.
  • Benefits to creators from the fund include:
    • Financial support
    • Collaboration opportunities
    • Access to resources and support
    • Networking opportunities
  • Creators typically use the funding to invest in better equipment, improve their content, and collaborate with other creators and brands.
  • Fund recipients get access to a variety of tools and services designed to help them build their brands and expand their customer bases.
  • The TikTok Creator Fund also serves as a platform for creators to meet other professionals in the field, which can be invaluable for career development.