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For those aspiring to launch an e-commerce venture, dropshipping presents itself as a viable option in terms of both economic feasibility and reduced risk exposure. Dropshipping is based on forming a strategic partnership with a supplier who handles storage, shipping, and returns. This allows the entrepreneur to focus on setting up an online store, finding products, and promoting them to potential customers.

Thieve, as a well-known platform, endeavors to simplify the process of launching a dropshipping business for entrepreneurs. This article explains what dropshipping is and how it works. It also gives a quick overview of and explains why starting a dropshipping business with Thieve is a practical and easy way to get into the competitive e-commerce industry.

As we’ve talked about at length here at The Profit Hunt, dropshipping is a retail fulfillment approach in which the retailer does not maintain an inventory of goods in stock. Instead, when a customer orders something through the retailer’s online store, the retailer buys the item from a third-party supplier and has it sent directly to the customer.

The dropshipping model offers several advantages, including the elimination of the costs and challenges associated with product storage and handling, which can prove quite burdensome for conventional retailers. Furthermore, the retailer is absolved of the responsibilities of managing and financing shipping, as these are effectively handled by the supplier. Lastly, the retailer doesn’t have to get rid of products that didn’t sell, which cuts down on potential financial losses.

Let’s take a deeper look at dropshipping and why Thieve is a great option for you to get started in the eCommerce industry. 

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Thieve serves as a linking platform that bridges the gap between entrepreneurs and suppliers. The way the platform is set up makes it easier for entrepreneurs, even those with no e-commerce experience, to start a dropshipping business. 

Dropshipping with Thieve gives business owners access to a wide range of products, and the platform takes care of storage, shipping, and handling returns.

One of the best things about dropshipping is that the order fulfillment process is very automated. When an order comes in through an entrepreneur’s online store, Thieve handles the rest. This includes buying the product from the supplier, packaging it, and sending it directly to the customer.

If you want to get into eCommerce and are looking for a cheap and low-risk way to do so, you should look into the benefits of starting a dropshipping business with This platform offers a multitude of benefits, including:

Wide Range of Products: connects entrepreneurs with a large number of suppliers, giving them access to a wide range of products that can be chosen and customized to fit their niche and target audience.

Order Fulfillment: has a highly automated process for order fulfillment, which saves time and energy by getting rid of manual labor. takes care of the rest when a customer places an order. They get the product from the supplier, package it, and ship it directly to the customer.

Test and Expansion Capabilities: enables entrepreneurs to experiment with different products and niches to determine what works best for their business. This flexibility allows for pivoting and adjustments without incurring substantial costs.

How Dropshipping Works

As we’ve already alluded to, the Thieve platform facilitates an effortless connection between entrepreneurs and suppliers, enabling direct communication, price negotiations, and the establishment of a symbiotic business relationship. dropshipping 2 -

The dropshipping dashboard and reporting system has a full and easy-to-use interface that gives you real-time information about how your business is doing. You can access data on sales, orders, and profits, allowing you to swiftly assess the success of your business and make informed decisions to optimize results.

The Thieve customer service team is ready to help you with anything, from setting up an online store to marketing and promoting your products. The platform also has a huge collection of tools and resources that can help entrepreneurs start and grow their dropshipping businesses.

Getting Started With Dropshipping

Now that you know about all the benefits of using Thieve for Dropshipping, let’s navigate you through the phases of establishing your Thieve account, selecting your area of specialization and procuring products, constructing your online store, and implementing marketing and advertising strategies.

Set Up Your Thieve Account

​​The first step in launching your dropshipping business through Thieve is to set up an account. You can do this simply by visiting Thieve’s website and clicking on the “Try Supply Free” button. You’ll be prompted to provide your email address and create a secure password. Thieve will confirm your email address and send you a confirmation email once you’ve given them all the information they need.

Choose a Niche and Source Products

Having established your dropshipping account, the next step involves determining your niche and sourcing products. Thieve offers a diverse range of products across several niches, providing you with the flexibility to choose items that align with your target audience.

Thieve has a plethora of categories and products to choose from. From Homeware to electronics to stationery and sports, you’ll be able to source products for your audience.  

Set up Your Store and Integrate it with

After you’ve chosen your niche and found products to sell, the next step is to set up your online store. Thieve has a lot of resources and tools to help you get started. For example, it can help you set up an online store, market and advertise your products, and more.

Once you have set up your online store, the next step is to integrate it with Thieve’s platform. This process is uncomplicated, simply requiring the addition of a few lines of code to your stores header. Thieve provides comprehensive instructions to facilitate seamless integrations with all major eCommerce platforms like Shopify & WooCommerce. Dropshipping Tools dropshipping 3-

Thieve also have a number of resources and tools available for dropshipping entrepreneurs. Their Tools page here breaks down the tools available to them. 

Supplier Finder

Supplier Finder works like Image Search, but instead of looking for an image, it looks for products that look similar to a product whose URL you enter. If you copy and paste a link to an AliExpress product into the Supplier Finder, it will show you similar products that you can look through to find alternatives. It’ll help you find additional dropshipping suppliers or companies selling the same item on AliExpress, giving you extra sourcing choices.

Reverse Image Search

Thieve is integrated quite seamlessly with Aliexpress, and while Aliexpress has an image search function built in, it is inconvenient to use on personal computers such as desktops or laptops. 

Thieve’s Image Search tool scans and analyzes an image from the internet or one you give it. It then suggests products from AliExpress that look the most like the image. Then you may explore the products to locate comparable items. You can also use the Thieve Chrome Extension to begin an image search by right-clicking on any image.

Magic Logo Removal

The Magic Logo Tool takes off watermarks from photos you upload and splits them into separate pictures. The photographs should have a white backdrop and white space between them to differentiate them. The program is quite useful and can save you time; however, it only works if your photos meet certain criteria.

The Closing Word on Dropshipping dropshipping 4 -

Thieve. is an excellent solution for locating high-quality winning products on AliExpress. Thieve provides an intriguing service. Without a doubt, the platform provides you with product ideas to examine and also sell. Thieve is a terrific place to start, and it can help you find new and trending products on the market.

Its best use case is possible, making the interface to sourcing products from AliExpress 100 times easier and more user friendly.

There are almost 100 million products available on the marketplace. And there are many manufacturers—some good, some bad. It can also be tough to know who to buy from.

One of the other considerations is that all the products on Thieves’ product list and catalog are open to the public. That means you’re browsing, purchasing, and maybe even selling the same products as every other Thieve user. It may have the unintended consequence of making you no longer stand out and removing that ‘unique’ product feel from your store.