Essential oils are hot! The aromatic elixirs extracted from plants have become a must-have self-care staple. In fact, the global essential oils market was valued at USD 21.79 billion in 2022 and is anticipated to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.9% from 2023 to 2030; so there’s never been a better time to launch your own essential oils brand.

But where do you start? Finding a reliable private label essential oils manufacturer is the most critical decision you’ll make when creating a line of custom blends. The wrong partner could leave you with low-quality oils, delayed orders, and disappointed customers.

That’s why we dug deep to curate this list of the 9 best manufacturers of private label essential oils. We’ll introduce you to companies that can handle orders of any size, from small startups to major enterprises. 

Private Label Essential Oils -

You’ll get the inside scoop on their capabilities, certifications, and reputation. Whether you need USDA organic or specialty oils like ho wood, these manufacturers have the expertise to create custom oil blends that will wow your customers.

Read on to discover the essential oil supplier that’s the perfect fit for your brand! Then you can look forward to delighting customers with luxurious, aromatic oils bearing your own custom label.

TLDR; The Best Private Label Essential Oils Manufacturers

  • Key criteria for evaluating private label essential oil manufacturers include quality certifications, services offered, and reliability
  • Vitality Works is a top manufacturer for startups wanting small minimum orders of high-quality private label essential oils
  • Bulk Apothecary is ideal for established brands needing large production runs of private label essential oils
  • New Direction Aromatics has extensive organic and Fair Trade private label essential oils perfect for niche markets
  • Essential 3 Aromatherapy stands out through their dedication to custom private label essential oil blends
  • Dreaming Earth Botanicals offers many USDA organically certified private label essential oils
  • Neurogan specializes in creating custom private label CBD essential oils
  • Oreck provides quick fulfillment of private label essential oils made in the USA
  • This list gives readers an overview of manufacturers to find the ideal private label essential oils partner for their specific needs. 

The 9 Best Private Label Essential Oils Manufacturers

1. Vitality Works

Private Label Essential Oils: Vitality Works -

With over 40 years perfecting essential oil production and a unique hands-on approach, Vitality Works is a great choice for startups and small brands wanting high quality blends. Their small minimum orders and free shipping help lower the barriers to entry. Vitality Works commitment to testing raw materials and finished oils ensures you get a consistent, high-quality product.


Vitality Works sets themselves apart through their hands-on production process. They grind all botanicals and herbs on-site and test both raw materials and finished products to ensure quality standards are met. Their small $100 minimum order and free shipping make them accessible for startups. They’ve been crafting essential oils since 1982, so they have extensive experience.


Their production process is smaller scale and may not allow large bulk orders. As one of the smaller manufacturers, customers service responsiveness may be slower.


2. Bulk Apothecary

Private Label Essential Oils: Bulk Apoothocarey -

With GMP certification and both stock and custom options, Bulk Apothecary is a solid choice for established brands needing larger order volumes. Their ability to provide your selected oils already bottled saves you time and money. Bulk Apothecary simplifies launching a private label line through their turnkey services.


Bulk Apothecary offers both stock and custom blended oils ideal for private labeling. Their Ohio facility is GMP certified, so quality standards are assured. They can provide oils in bulk containers or prefilled vials ready for your branding. Turnkey private labeling services provide a one-stop shop.


Their large size may not allow for specialized custom blends in small batches for startups. Customer service may be less hands-on.


3. New Direction Aromatics

Private Label Essential Oils: New Direction Aromatics -

For US brands wanting to source certified organic or Fair Trade oils, New Direction Aromatics is an ideal partner. Their massive selection and production capacity can handle major wholesale orders. If targeting eco-conscious consumers, their specialty oil certifications provide built-in marketing angle.


New Direction Aromatics extensive range includes many certified organic and Fair Trade oils perfect for niche markets. As Canada’s largest essential oil supplier, they can handle large wholesale orders.


Their Canadian location may mean longer ship times and border issues for US-based brands. Minimum order quantities are high for small startups.


4. Essential 3 Aromatherapy Solutions

Private Label Essential Oils: Essential 3 Aromatherapy Solutions -

For boutique brands wanting a personal touch, Essential 3’s partnership approach makes them stand out. Their eagerness to create custom blends and handle small orders makes them ideal for startups. Essential 3’s range of services simplifies launching a private label line.


Essential 3 views their private label clients as true partners, not just customers. They offer complete custom blending capabilities to create unique formulas. With no minimum orders and add-on services like labeling and shipping, they provide flexibility for small brands.


Their smaller size means less ability to scale for large production runs. Limited to their catalog of blends versus sourcing raw ingredients.


5. Dreaming Earth Botanicals

Private Label Essential Oils: Dreaming Earth Botanicals -

The extensive oil catalog at Dreaming Earth Botanicals provides endless options for distinctive blends. The availability of many USDA organic oils facilitates targeting the eco-conscious. Their custom blending unlocks creativity.


An expansive selection of oils including many hard to find varieties provides lots of options for unique blends. Their catalog includes many USDA organic certified oils. Offer white labeling of existing oils or custom creations.


Their smaller operation may not work for mass production. More limited on bottling and packaging services.


6. Neurogan

Private Label Essential Oils: Neurogan -

For brands seeking a private label partner specifically for CBD oils, Neurogan is a top contender. Their cGMP facility guarantees your CBD oils meet the highest standards. With the CBD market exploding, partnering with an expert CBD manufacturer creates advantages.


Neurogan specializes in CBD oil production, perfect for tapping the quickly growing CBD/hemp market. Their facility is cGMP and Kosher certified ensuring quality control.


Limited to only CBD oil production versus wider essential oil capabilities. Minimum 100 unit order may be high for some startups.


7. Plant Therapy

Private Label Essential Oils: Plant Therapy -

Plant Therapy is one of the best options for brands looking to create a private label line of essential oils. Located in Idaho, Plant Therapy has their own farms and distilleries which allows them to control the entire production process from plant to bottle. This vertical integration enables high quality standards.


Plant Therapy offers a wide selection of certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils to choose from when creating custom blends. They have low minimum order quantities which makes them an accessible option even for small startups. Plant Therapy handles custom labeling, packaging, and branding in-house so you can create a cohesive private label look.


Their focus is narrower on essential oils only versus companies that offer wider wellness product assortments. Lead times can be longer compared to companies sourcing pre-made oils since Plant Therapy handles distillation in-house. Smaller startups may prefer a more hands-on partnership approach that Plant Therapy’s large operation can’t facilitate.

8. Nutrix

Private Label Essential Oils: Nutrix -

Nutrix’s certifications make them a safe choice for producing private label oils. Their experience with nutraceuticals lends well to essential oils. While more limited in oil breadth, they offer a quality-certified facility.


Nutrix’s FDA-registered and ISO-certified facility ensures quality control oversight. They mainly produce supplements but have oil capabilities too.


Their focus on nutraceuticals means less specialty in essential oils. Offer more limited oil selection and services.

9. Vera Herbals

Private Label Essential Oils: Vera Herbals -

For boutique skin care or wellness brands, Vera Herbals is a smart choice for custom blended oils. Their focus on custom formulations allows tailoring oils to your product lines. Their expertise across various product types simplifies sourcing.


Vera Herbals specializes in custom formulations for skin care and wellness. Their capabilities span extracts, tinctures, supplements and more.


No indication of organic or specialty oil certifications. Smaller operation with limited production scale.

Wrapping Up: The Best Private Label Essential Oils Manufacturers

With this insider’s guide, you now have the knowledge to confidently choose the ideal partner for your private label essential oils. One of these manufacturers is ready to help you craft captivating scents that will have customers eagerly awaiting your next aromatic creation.

These companies can provide the special touches that transform basic oils into an experience. Your custom blended elixirs will soon be soothing minds and beautifying bodies around the world.

So don’t leave your brand’s potential capped. Connect with one of these bottlers of liquid luxury to launch your own line of custom essential oils. Before you know it, your soothing scents will be flying off shelves faster than you can restock them! With the right partner distilling your vision, your brand will ascend to aromatic icon.