Looking to turn your designs into physical puzzles but don’t know where to start? With print on demand, you can now easily make money from your artwork without worrying about minimum order quantities or inventory.

In 2022, the worldwide market for print-on-demand stood at $5.397 billion. By 2031, it’s estimated to soar to $39.035 billion, reflecting an impressive CAGR of around 26.2%. That’s a sizable opportunity!

But when it comes to print on demand, not all suppliers are created equal. The quality, variety, pricing, and reliability vary vastly between platforms. As an artist or designer, the last thing you want is poor quality products or delayed shipping that tarnishes your brand image.

That’s why I’ve curated this list of the 11 best print on demand puzzles suppliers that will help you make premium, customized jigsaw puzzles effortlessly. From traditional chipboard to more unique wooden puzzles, these hand-picked sites offer quick turnaround times and global shipping, so you can get your creations in the hands of puzzle lovers worldwide. 

Read on to find the perfect print on demand partner that meets your needs and lets you turn your passion into profit!

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TLDR; Print on Demand Puzzles

  • Print on demand technology lets you easily create and sell customized puzzles without inventory or minimum orders.
  • Quality, variety, and reliability are key factors in choosing the best print on demand puzzle supplier.
  • Printify offers high-quality chipboard puzzles in 5 sizes up to 1000 pieces, globally shipped.
  • Gooten provides premium normal and double-thick print on demand puzzles up to 1014 pieces.
  • Zazzle allows full customization like personalization on quality cardboard and chipboard puzzles.
  • CafePress focuses on fast production and shipping of 252 and 500 piece print on demand puzzles.
  • Society6 works with indie artists to make stylish artistic puzzles in 3 sizes.
  • Redbubble’s metal tin packaged puzzles in 5 sizes turn independent art into print on demand puzzles.
  • 99DIY provides ultra affordable pricing starting at $4.79 for eco-friendly print on demand puzzles.
  • Contrado makes unique wood and cardboard print on demand puzzles packaged in metal tins or bags.
  • Selling print on demand puzzles allows monetizing creativity without inventory management.

The 11 Best Print on Demand Puzzles Suppliers in 2023

1. Printify

Print on Demand Puzzles: Printify - theproofithunt.com

When it comes to print on demand puzzles, Printify checks off all the right boxes. They offer high-quality chipboard puzzles available in 5 different options up to 1000 pieces. The printing uses durable inks directly on thick, sturdy chipboard backing for vibrant, accurate reproduction of your designs. Puzzles ship worldwide in secure packaging, either in paper boxes or more premium tin boxes.

The variety of puzzle sizes and piece counts allows you to offer puzzles tailored for both kids and adults. With options from 30 pieces up to 1000, Printify empowers you to provide the perfect print on demand puzzles for every type of customer. Their integration with top ecommerce platforms also makes Printify a reliable supplier that allows you to easily fulfill orders automatically. Known for fast production and on-time shipping, Printify helps you run a seamless print on demand puzzles business.

2. Gooten

Print on Demand Puzzles: Gooten - theproofithunt.com

For premium print on demand puzzles, Gooten is a top contender. They offer high-quality normal and double-thick puzzles for extra durability, with sizes ranging from 110 pieces up to 1014 pieces. This extensive variety allows you to offer puzzles for varying skill levels and interests. Gooten utilizes advanced printing technology and materials to produce vibrant, accurate reproductions of artwork and photos on their puzzles.

Each puzzle also comes packaged in a secure box to prevent damage during shipping. Gooten has earned a reputation for being a reliable print on demand fulfillment partner, with shoppers praising their excellent customer service and consistently fast order processing times. With global shipping and integrations with major ecommerce platforms, Gooten empowers designers to turn their artwork into profit by producing quality print on demand puzzles on-demand.

3. Zazzle

Print on Demand Puzzles: Zazzle - theproofithunt.com

For a uniquely engineered print on demand puzzle, Zazzle is a top contender. Their puzzles feature cardboard mounted on sturdy chipboard backing for extra durability and puzzle solving enjoyment. With 7 sizes from 30 pieces up to 1000 pieces, Zazzle offers tremendous variety to create custom puzzles for varying ages and interests. You can even offer personalized puzzles featuring names or special messages for an extra special touch.

Zazzle utilizes state of the art printing technology to reproduce designs accurately on quality materials. Their integration with major ecommerce platforms makes fulfillment easy, and their reputation for fast processing and shipping helps you run a reliable print on demand puzzles shop. With options for different box styles and paper upgrades, Zazzle empowers designers to create memorable, high-quality custom puzzles on-demand.

4. CafePress

Print on Demand Puzzles: CafePress - theproofithunt.com

With standardized pricing and global availability, CafePress is a leading choice for print on demand puzzles. They offer 252 piece and 500 piece chipboard puzzles that accurately reproduce designs in stunning high-gloss detail. The sturdy chipboard and durable printing quality ensure long-lasting enjoyment. CafePress production and shipping times are fast, getting your custom puzzles to customers reliably.

With a healthier artist competition and community compared to other platforms, CafePress makes it easy for new designers to start a print on demand puzzles shop and establish their brand. While CafePress may have fewer variety options compared to other suppliers, their focus on two best-selling sizes, quality materials, and reliable order fulfillment makes them a great choice for selling custom print on demand puzzles.

5. Society6

Print on Demand Puzzles: SOciety6 - theproofithunt.com

With a trendy, artistic community, Society6 is a top choice for creating stylish print on demand puzzles. They offer 3 puzzle sizes from 200 pieces to 1000 pieces, providing great variety for different skills and interests. The thick chipboard backing and high-quality printing results in visually stunning puzzles that accurately represent designs. Puzzles ship worldwide, packaged securely to prevent damage.

Society6 has built a reputation for working with talented indie artists to produce unique, modern home decor and accessories using print on demand technology. For designers seeking a platform aligned with their creative style that will accurately reproduce their artwork on custom puzzles, Society6 checks all the boxes. Their reliable production and shipping gives customers access to your one-of-a-kind designs within days.


6. Redbubble

Print on Demand Puzzles: RedBubble - theproofithunt.com

Redbubble is one of the most popular print on demand platforms, known for empowering independent artists and creators. For print on demand puzzles, Redbubble offers excellent variety with 5 sizes ranging from 30 to 1000 piece puzzles. Their puzzles feature thick chipboard construction and vibrant printing to accurately reflect artwork.

Each puzzle comes packaged in a secure metal tin box that provides protection and makes for stylish gifting. Redbubble has a strong reputation for quality and reliability, consistently reproducing designs on hundreds of products using quality printing and materials. With global availability and a massive independent artist community, Redbubble is a great choice for turning your designs into customized print on demand puzzles.

7. 99DIY

Print on Demand Puzzles: 99DIY - theproofithunt.com

For affordable print on demand puzzles with customization options, 99DIY is a leading choice. They offer incredibly low base pricing starting at just $4.79 for a 1000 piece puzzle. With sizes ranging from 80 pieces to 1000 pieces, including unique heart and rectangular shaped options, designers have tremendous variety for creating tailored puzzles. 99DIY utilizes eco-friendly materials like recycled plastic and wood boxes for a sustainable yet quality final product.

99DIY has built a reputation for affordable pricing without sacrificing quality by utilizing cost-effective manufacturing and fulfillment from China. The low investment helps designers test print on demand puzzles profitably before committing to mass production. For designers seeking variety and customization at a low cost, 99DIY empowers you to turn artwork into stylish, quality puzzles profitably.

8. Contrado

Print on Demand Puzzles: Contrado - theproofithunt.com

Contrado is an innovative print on demand supplier known for their unique, high-quality products like puzzles. They offer 500 piece and heart-shaped puzzles made from thick, durable materials like wood and hard cardboard. This provides a premium look and feel while accurately showcasing designs. Puzzles can be packaged in branded metal tins or convenient travel bags.

With a commitment to quality materials and printing using the latest technologies, Contrado produces stunning customized puzzles that bring artwork to life. Their reliable production and exceptional customer service gives designers confidence when selling print on demand puzzles. Based in Europe but with global availability, Contrado helps designers easily monetize their passion through quality print on demand puzzles.

9. Threadless

Print on Demand Puzzles: Threadless - theproofithunt.com

For eccentric, artistic puzzle designs, Threadless is a top print on demand supplier. They offer 3 puzzle sizes from 120 to 500 pieces on high-quality chipboard backing that accurately reproduces bold, unique artwork. Their packaging features maximum visibility of the full image for strong branding.

Threadless is known for working with independent artists to produce crazy, unconventional designs that push boundaries. For artists seeking a print on demand partner aligned with bold creative style, Threadless delivers. Their reputation for quality and reliable shipping empowers artists to turn avant-garde designs into physical print on demand puzzles easily.


10. Fine Art America

Print on Demand Puzzles: Fine Art America - theproofithunt.com

Specifically catering to photographers and traditional artists, Fine Art America is a leading print on demand puzzles provider. They offer 500 and 1000 piece chipboard puzzles that reproduce images in stunning high-resolution quality down to the finest details. The thick, durable puzzles showcase artwork vividly.

With a customer base tailored to appreciators of fine art photography and traditional landscapes, Fine Art America makes it easy for artists to find the perfect audience for their work. Their many integrations with top online platforms provide seamless selling, while quality materials and printing produce heirloom-worthy print on demand puzzles showcasing your best photographs and paintings.

11. Merchize

Print on Demand Puzzles: Merchize - theproofithunt.com

For a unique print on demand puzzle made from wood, Merchize is a top choice. Their wooden puzzles contain veneer finishing on pinewood for a lightweight, durable and eco-friendly product. With options like 252, 300, and 504 piece puzzles, artists have great variety to offer custom wood puzzles for varying skills.

Merchize utilizes advanced printing technology to directly apply designs onto wood backing for stunning, accurate reproduction. Known for their commitment to quality, Merchize’s wooden print on demand puzzles provide an upscale, artistic way to showcase designs that customers will treasure for generations. Their global availability makes it easy for artists to share custom wooden puzzles worldwide.

Wrapping Up: Print on Demand Puzzles

With this handpicked list of the top 11 print on demand puzzle suppliers, you now have all the information needed to turn your designs into physical, customized puzzles easily. Each supplier was evaluated across crucial criteria like quality, variety, and reliability to equip you for puzzle printing success.

Whether you want affordable testing with 99DIY, ultra-high quality from Printify, or unique wooden puzzles with Merchize, there’s a perfect print on demand partner for your needs. Selling print on demand puzzles lets you monetize your creativity without inventory headaches.

Don’t let production complexity hold you back from puzzle profits. With minimal upfront costs, no minimum orders, and the ability to scale instantly, these print on demand suppliers remove all barriers to puzzle printing freedom. 

Claim your share of the multi-billion dollar puzzle market today by creating customized puzzles people love showcasing in their homes or gifting to fellow puzzle enthusiasts. Find the platform that aligns with your style and start turning your designs into physical print on demand puzzles sold around the world!