Tired of seeing the same bland pet products during your shopping trips? Do you wish you could find something more unique for your furry friend? Customization is king – and your pet deserves to feel like royalty too! That’s where print on demand pet products come in!

With print-on-demand (POD), you can easily design completely customized and on-trend pet products so your pup can strut their stuff in style. Whether it’s a trendy bandana to match their personality or a cozy bed featuring their name, POD makes it possible to create unique pet products you won’t find anywhere else.

In fact, nearly half (45.7%) of all US pet products sales will be made online by 2025, the highest ecommerce penetration of all grocery products

In this article, we’ll explore the 15 best print on demand suppliers to create tailored pet products. Get ready to transform boring, mass-produced pet items into your pet’s crown jewels! 

We’ll cover which suppliers offer the best variety, highest print quality, and easiest integrations with your e-commerce platform. Read on to give your furry friend the customized royal treatment they deserve – without the hassle or upfront costs!

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The 17 Best Suppliers for Print on Demand Pet Products

1. Printify

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With a huge variety of pet products, Printify is a top choice for sellers. They offer all the essentials – beds, bandanas, tanks, bowls, mats, collars, and more. You’ll have ample options to design trendy and seasonal pet apparel, fun gifts like bandanas, and practical items like bowls. The broad product range enables creating an entire pet product store with Printify.


Printify seamlessly integrates with every major ecommerce platform including Shopify, Etsy, eBay and more. Automatic syncing makes fulfilling orders effortless. You can add products once on Printify, and have them populate your online store without manual work. This saves enormous time and prevents errors in fulfillment.

Print Quality

With an average 4.2 star rating, most customers are happy with Printify’s print quality. Their products ship from multiple partners, which gives you options to find the best prints. Sourcing from multiple suppliers also means faster shipping and production times.


2. Printful

Print on Demand Pet Products: Printful - theprofithunt.com

Printful offers a narrow but high demand product – personalized pet ID tags. The tags come in two metal colors – silver and gold, and can be customized on both sides. For pet owners who want unique tags, this is an excellent product to offer.


Like Printify, Printful integrates with every major platform like Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, etc. Two-way sync allows fulfilling Printful orders automatically without manual work. The hassle-free integrations make order management completely seamless.

Print Quality

With thousands of positive reviews and average 4.5 star rating, customers consistently rave about Printful’s print quality. The metal tags are durable and prints don’t scratch or fade easily. Printful is known for stellar printing across products.


3. Printed Mint

Print on Demand Pet Products: Printed Mint - theprofithunt.com

Printed Mint has an extensive catalog of pet products including tanks, mats, blankets, bowls, bandanas and more. They offer essentials like bowls along with trendy apparel like tanks and bandanas. The wide catalog allows creating a full pet products shop.


Printed Mint integrations are limited compared to some suppliers. They connect to Etsy and Shopify only. So you’ll need to sell on those platforms to use Printed Mint. The good news is they have direct integrations with the two most popular ecommerce choices.

Print Quality

Customers praise the print quality from Printed Mint with most products having 4+ star ratings. As a major print provider, they have perfected high quality dye-sublimation printing. Their focus on print quality makes them a top choice.


4. Redbubble

Print on Demand Pet Products: RedBubble - theprofithunt.com

Redbubble offers a compact selection including bandanas, blankets and mats. The Australia-based company doesn’t have as many options as some competitors. But they provide key pet apparel and home items to customize.


Redbubble operates as a standalone marketplace so doesn’t integrate with external platforms. You upload designs directly to the Redbubble site. This makes it easy for beginners who just want to get started selling.

Print Quality

With a 4.7 average rating, Redbubble is known for outstanding print quality. They use quality materials and dyes to create long-lasting prints that don’t fade with washing. High user reviews back up their reputation.


5. Contrado

Print on Demand Pet Products: Contrado - theprofithunt.com

Contrado provides pet mats, blankets, beds, bowls and leashes. They cover the core essentials like bowls along with plush items like blankets and beds. The range gives flexibility between basic and premium items.


The only integration Contrado offers is Shopify. So you’ll need a Shopify store to use Contrado for fulfillment. The Shopify app makes syncing products and orders simple. But integration limitations may deter sellers using other platforms.

Print Quality

Reviews for Contrado’s pet items are positive, with most over 4 stars. Customers are pleased with print vibrancy and durability. Made in the UK, Contrado’s quality and materials are superb. Their focus is upscale printing.


6. CafePress

Print on Demand Pet Products: CafePress - theprofithunt.com

CafePress only offers one pet product – customizable dog apparel. The cotton shirts come in 6 sizes to fit small and large breeds. The simple white tee can be designed for any occasion or holiday.


CafePress operates as a standalone POD marketplace, so doesn’t integrate with external platforms. You design products directly on their site. This easy startup approach works for basic needs, but limits scaling.

Print Quality

With an average 3.5 star rating, CafePress print quality satisfies but doesn’t impress customers. Some complaints of fading exist. As an early POD pioneer, their printing lags newer competitors. Overall delivers acceptable quality.


7. Subliminator

Print on Demand Pet Products: Subliminator - theprofithunt.com

Subliminator’s unique offering is custom dog hoodies, perfect for pets in cooler climates. Choose between fashion and athletic styles. You can make matching hoodies for owners too!


The only integration offered is Shopify. So you’ll need to build a Shopify store to use Subliminator. The app makes syncing product catalogs and orders simple between the platforms.

Print Quality

With dye sublimation printing, Subliminator delivers vibrant, durable prints. Pet hoodies hold up well to activity and washing. High user ratings confirm their reputation for stellar print quality. A great choice for apparel.


8. Prodigi

Print on Demand Pet Products: Prodogi - theprofithunt.com

Prodigi provides dog bandanas, metal and plastic pet tags, and beds. Offering both tags and bandanas allows sellers to cater to identification and apparel needs.


Prodigi connects with the top ecommerce platforms – Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, Squarespace and more. Automatic syncing with major stores makes fulfillment streamlined.

Print Quality

With mostly 5 star ratings, customers rave about Prodigi’s print quality on both apparel and plastic tags. Their UK based manufacturing focuses on premium quality printing. A top choice for print durability.


9. Gooten

Print on Demand Pet Products: Gooten - theprofithunt.com

Gooten provides an extensive range: leashes, collars, bowls, beds, bandanas and more. They offer practical items like bowls alongside apparel like bandanas. The variety covers multiple pet product niches.


Gooten integrates with Etsy, Shopify and other platforms via API or app. Automatic syncing allows easy management between Gooten and your online store. Hassle-free fulfillment is a huge perk.

Print Quality

With thousands of positive reviews, Gooten is known for consistent, quality printing. Their dye sublimation and screen printing methods produce vivid and durable prints on fabric and hard goods. A reliable choice for print longevity.


10. GearLaunch

Print on Demand Pet Products: GearLaunch - theprofithunt.com

The specialty offerings from GearLaunch are indoor and outdoor pet beds. Each bed type has unique features to suit the intended use. Outdoor beds have waterproof, stain-resistant material while indoor beds use ultra-soft fabric.


GearLaunch connects directly with Shopify via their app. After linking accounts, you can add GearLaunch products to your Shopify store in one click. Easy syncing helps streamline order fulfillment and saves time.

Print Quality

Customers consistently rate the pet beds 5 stars for comfort and print quality. The beds hold shape after repeated use and washing. High user reviews make GearLaunch a solid option for home pet products.


11. Zazzle

Print on Demand Pet Products: Zazzle - theprofithunt.com

Zazzle provides bandanas, beds, collars, leashes and ID tags. Their tag designs are especially unique, offering shapes like bones and paw prints. The product range covers essentials along with apparel like bandanas.


As a standalone marketplace, Zazzle doesn’t offer external integrations. You design and manage everything directly on their site. This simplicity makes Zazzle an easy entry point for new sellers.

Print Quality

With a 4.5 star average rating, customers consistently praise Zazzle’s print quality. Their vibrant dyes and thorough product testing result in durable, high-quality prints that withstand washing. A great option for print longevity.


12. Merchize

Print on Demand Pet Products: Merchize - theprofithunt.com

Merchize specializes in Hawaiian-style pet shirts, a product you won’t find elsewhere. Choose between cat and dog sizes. Matching human shirts are also available! They also offer standard tanks and bandanas.


Merchize connects to Etsy, Amazon, Shopify and more. Their API allows syncing your Merchize catalog to your ecommerce store. Automatic order forwarding saves you time and manual work.

Print Quality

With extremely positive reviews, customers are thrilled with Merchize’s print quality. Their fun Hawaiian shirts hold up well to pet play and washing. Known for vibrant, durable print techniques.


13. Bags of Love

Print on Demand Pet Products: BagsofLove - theprofithunt.com

Bags of Love provides an extensive range including bowls, beds, towels, blankets, mats, treat tins and more. They offer practical items like bowls and premium products like plush pet beds. Diverse products for different niches.


As the UK arm of Contrado, Bags of Love integrates with Shopify only. You’ll need a Shopify store to use their fulfillment services. The app enables easy product catalog syncing.

Print Quality

Backed by Contrado’s printing standards, Bags of Love delivers quality, durable prints comparable to its parent company. Products are manufactured in the UK supporting their quality reputation.


14. 99DIY

Print on Demand Pet Products: 99DIY - theprofithunt.com

99DIY offers bandanas, PU leather pet tags, and chest straps, which are unique offerings. The PU tags are an affordable alternative to metal tags. Chest straps allow for cute restraint customization.


99DIY connects only to Shopify currently. So you’ll need a Shopify store to use them for fulfillment. The app enables simple product catalog syncing between the platforms.

Print Quality

As a budget supplier based in China, 99DIY provides good but not premium level print quality. Their PU leather tags fare better than apparel prints. Overall delivers acceptable quality for the low costs.


15. Teelaunch

Print on Demand Pet Products: TeeLaunch - theprofithunt.com

Teelaunch provides bandanas, crate mats, and pet pillows. Crate mats are a unique offering – they have a waterproof layer and anti-skid bottom for securing in crates.


Teelaunch syncs with Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce and more. Their API and apps enable easy integration with your ecommerce platform of choice for automated order fulfillment.

Print Quality

Reviews praise Teelaunch’s printing, especially on their crate mats which withstand pet wear and tear. Their US-based printing focuses on quality dye sublimation for vivid, durable prints. A great supplier for home goods.


Wrapping Up: The Best Suppliers for Print on Demand Pet Products

With so many great print on demand suppliers to choose from, your pet can strut their own personalized style! Whether you want trendy seasonal bandanas, plush beds featuring your furry friend’s name, or even matching Hawaiian shirts, POD makes it possible.

Now that you know the top suppliers for quality, selection, and integrations, you can start designing unique products for your pup. See their eyes light up when you surprise them with custom gifts just for them! No more boring, generic pet products – it’s time to give your four-legged friend the star treatment.

Transforming your pet’s look is just a few clicks away. Sign up for your favorite POD supplier, design awesome products in minutes, and watch the tails wag with joy! With print on demand, you can easily create pet products fit for a king or queen. Unleash your creativity and give your pet the customized royal treatment they deserve today!