Looking to earn extra cash with a flexible side hustle? Becoming a notary signing agent allows you to make $200+ per hour-long appointment in a growing field. With little startup costs, flexible hours, and high earning potential, starting a notary side hustle is an appealing option for those looking to boost their income.

Interestingly, 75% of notary publics are women, while 25% are men. This indicates a significant female dominance in the notary industry.

As the real estate market booms, the demand for notary signing agents to handle property records and loan documents continues to rise. Notary signing agents earn significantly more than standard notaries by providing specialized services for mortgage and loan packages on tight deadlines. Does a notary side hustle with the potential to make $20,000+ per month appeal to you?

If starting a lucrative notary side hustle sounds enticing, read on to learn the requirements, startup costs, earning potential, and more. This comprehensive guide will provide actionable steps to begin your notary side hustle and start earning $200+ per signing appointment. Let’s dive in!

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TLDR; Starting a Notary Side Hustle

  • Become a notary signing agent by meeting age requirements, taking training courses, passing exams and background checks, and getting supplies
  • Startup costs range from $250-$500 for application fees, training, exams, supplies
  • Earn $75-$200 per signing appointment, make $20,000+ per month part-time
  • Find clients by networking with real estate/mortgage professionals, marketing online, joining associations
  • Consider state requirements, proper training, commission renewal, time management
  • Notary side hustle offers high earning potential with low barriers to entry

Becoming a Notary Signing Agent

Starting a notary side hustle begins with becoming a notary signing agent. While requirements vary by state, the process typically includes meeting age and application requirements, taking training courses and exams, passing a background check, and getting notary supplies.

To become a notary, you must be at least 18 years old in all states. You’ll need to complete an application with your state’s regulating office and pay an application fee, which ranges from $10-$145 depending on your state. Once your application is approved, you’ll receive commission documents in the mail.

Most states require taking a notary training course and passing an exam. For example, California and New York mandate a 6-hour training course and 1-hour notary exam. Training gives you a strong foundation in notary laws and best practices. Exams ensure you understand rules and regulations.

A background check is also part of the process in many states to verify your record is clear of relevant crimes. Finally, you’ll need notary supplies – a stamp or seal, notary journal, and commission certificate. Supplies range from $50-$150.

The entire notary application and approval process takes 4-9 weeks depending on state processing times. You’ll then be ready to take additional steps to become a notary signing agent. Signing agent training is recommended to learn best practices for handling loan documents. Taking a loan signing agent exam proves you’re qualified and demonstrates credibility to future clients.

Overall, becoming a notary signing agent has clear requirements centered on training, testing, and supplies. With reasonable steps and timeline, you’ll be set up for success in your notary side hustle.

Startup Costs

A key question when starting a notary side hustle is how much it costs to get up and running. The startup costs range from $250-$500, with possible additional expenses depending on your state.

First, budget $30-$145 for the application fee to your state to become a commissioned notary. Next, you’ll need to pay for mandatory notary training courses and exams. Notary classes range from $50-$150 depending on your provider and whether in-person or online. Exam fees are typically $30-$60.

Other startup costs include background check fees of $30-$60, notary supplies ($50-$150), and signing agent training courses ($100-$200). While not required, taking a signing agent course looks professional to future clients. You’ll also need a surety bond for $15-$25 per year.

In total, costs can include:

  • State application fee: $30-$145
  • Notary training course: $50-$150
  • Notary exam fee: $30-$60
  • Background check fee: $30-$60
  • Supplies: $50-$150
  • Signing agent training (recommended): $100-$200
  • Surety bond: $15-$25

With an investment of $250-$500 and a few weeks of preparation, you can start your notary side hustle on the right foot. While the startup cost isn’t insignificant, it’s relatively affordable and quickly pays for itself once you begin earning $200+ per signing appointment. A notary side hustle offers high income potential with reasonable upfront costs.

Earning Potential

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A major perk of starting a notary side hustle is the high income potential. Notary signing agents can earn $75-$200 per hour-long signing appointment. While state laws limit fees for basic notary services, signing agents can charge premium rates for their expertise with loan documents.

Signing appointments generally range from 15 minutes to 1 hour. At $200 per hour, you could make $50 for a 15-minute signing or $200 for a full hour. Notary side hustlers optimize their income by booking multiple signing appointments per day. It’s possible to make $400-$800 working just 2-4 hours on a weekday evening or Saturday.

Signing agents also earn income through additional services. For example, you can charge mileage fees for traveling to signing appointments.Billing for clerical services like document prep or handling FedEx packages is another revenue source.

Working 10-20 hours per week evenings and weekends, signing agents can make $20,000 or more per month. While results vary, top earners bring in $200,000+ annually. The flexible schedule also allows you to work a full-time job while growing your side income.

With every real estate transaction requiring a signing agent, demand continues growing in this field. Reasonable startup costs and high earning potential make a notary side hustle an appealing way to boost your income or even become a full-time career.

Finding Clients

Building a client base is essential for your notary side hustle success. Luckily, many options exist for finding signing appointments, including networking with key professionals, smart online marketing, and joining industry associations.

One of the best client sources is networking with real estate agents, mortgage brokers, title companies, and loan officers. These professionals frequently need signing agents for property transactions and are eager to connect with notaries they can rely on. Attend industry meetups or ask for introductions from your personal network.

Creating an online presence is another way to get your notary services in front of potential clients. Build a professional website highlighting your signing agent expertise, Google Business profile, and social media pages. Consider paid ads on Facebook or LinkedIn to reach key targets like real estate investors.

Finally, join national and state notary signing agent associations. You’ll gain insider industry knowledge, expand your professional network, and often get free promotion to association members needing signing agents. Associations make growing your client roster easier.

With a mix of offline networking, savvy online marketing, and industry connections, you can build a steady client base for your notary side hustle. Multiple options exist to find signing jobs, leading to a rewarding and lucrative career.

Things to Consider

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When starting your notary side hustle, some key factors to consider include understanding your state’s requirements, getting proper training and supplies, renewing your commission, and managing your time. Being aware of these considerations will lead to a smooth beginning and ongoing success.

First, research the requirements to become a notary and signing agent in your specific state. Each state has its own rules, fees, and steps to become commissioned. Some require classes while others don’t. Know the laws in your state before investing time and money.

Proper training and supplies are essential to provide professional signing services. Take high-quality notary and signing agent courses, pass certification exams, and invest in useful supplies like a journal and stamp. Proper prep inspires client confidence.

If you’re an existing notary expanding to online services, ensure your paper notary commission doesn’t expire. Renew it on time so your paper and digital commission stay aligned. This prevents disruptions with your notary side hustle.

Strong time management skills are also vital when juggling your notary side hustle with a regular job and personal life. Schedule signing appointments during nights and weekends to accommodate your availability. Block time for admin tasks and marketing. Stay organized to avoid burnout.

By researching state rules, getting trained up, renewing your commission, and managing your schedule, you’ll avoid common pitfalls when starting your notary side hustle. Paying attention to these key considerations sets you up for a smooth launch and consistent success.

Key Takeaways: Starting a Notary Side Hustle

Want to boost your income with a flexible, lucrative side hustle? Becoming a notary signing agent allows you to tap into booming real estate transactions and charge premium rates for your expertise. Earn over $200 per hour-long appointment and make $20,000+ per month working part-time.

With minimal barriers to entry, reasonable startup costs, and high earning potential, a notary side hustle beats most side gigs hands down. Follow the steps outlined here to get trained and certified quickly, attract a steady client base, maximize your income, and avoid common pitfalls.

Don’t wait to pursue this rewarding, low-risk business that can become a full-time career. Gain freedom over your schedule and get paid well by helping clients with an essential service. The notary side hustle path to prosperity awaits you. Take control and start today!