Want more customers to find your brick-and-mortar shop or local services on Google? Then it’s time to add your business to Google Maps. This simple yet powerful move can draw nearby searchers to your doorstep while boosting your visibility and credibility.

Imagine searching Google for “Thai restaurant Seattle” and seeing your restaurant prominently displayed on the map. Visitors can view your hours, photos, customer ratings and more – enticing them to visit your business. Google Maps helps turn online searches into real-life sales.

This guide shares the nitty-gritty details on how to add a business to Google Maps. We’ll cover signing up for Google My Business, verifying your identity, customizing your listing and optimizing it for maximum visibility. Follow our lead, and soon your business will shine bright on the Google Maps landscape for all to see. The route to online-to-offline success awaits!

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TLDR; How to Add a Business to Google Maps

  • Get on Google Maps to increase visibility and sales for local businesses
  • Sign up for a free Google My Business account to manage listings
  • Add key details like business name, address, services, hours
  • Verify your identity by provided code to confirm ownership
  • Customize listing with photos, attributes, messaging, etc.
  • Maintain with regular checks for accuracy and prompt responses
  • Sync with Bing Places for visibility across search engines
  • Continual optimization of Google My Business profile drives traffic
  • Google Maps helps turn online searches into real-world customers
  • Simple but powerful move for local businesses to get found online

Sign Up for a Google My Business Account

The first step in how to add a business to Google Maps is signing up for a Google My Business account. This free platform allows you to manage your business information displayed on Google Maps.

Go to google.com/business and either log into an existing Google account, like the one you use for Gmail, or create an entirely new Google account for your business. Having a separate account just for your Google My Business listing can help you stay organized.

Once you’ve logged into your account, you can move forward with adding key details to set up your Google Maps business listing. A Google My Business profile is required for any local business to show up on Google Maps and in local search results.

Add Key Business Information

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After creating your Google My Business account, it’s time to add all of your vital business information to complete your Google Maps listing.

Start by entering your exact business name and category, like restaurant, retail store, plumber, etc. Be sure to use the business name customers will search for and recognize.

Next, add in the services and products your business offers. Providing this level of detail helps your business stand out on Google Maps when customers are searching for specific offerings.

You’ll also need to enter your full business address and contact information. This helps connect your physical location to your listing for how to add a business to Google Maps.

An important step is specifying your service area – the geographic locations you serve. Adding cities, counties or regions helps local customers find you.

You can also choose whether to display your address publicly on the map, or keep your location private for how to add a business to Google Maps.

Verify Your Business Identity

Once your core business information is submitted, you need to verify your identity to complete setting up your listing for how to add a business to Google Maps. This confirms you actually own the business.

Google will provide several verification options, like sending a postcard with a PIN code to your business address, calling your business phone number, or emailing your business email.

Enter the verification code provided by the method you choose to confirm you are the legitimate owner of the business for your Google Maps listing.

If you have your business website connected to Google Search Console, you may be able to instantly verify for how to add a business to Google Maps without needing a code.

Completing the verification process connects your real-world business details to your Google Maps presence.


Customize Your Business Profile

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After getting your business on Google Maps with verification, you can further customize your profile to stand out.

Add details like your business hours, description, photos of your products/services, attributes that describe your business, and enable messaging so customers can contact you directly.

Make sure to accurately portray what your business offers. For a restaurant, share photos of dishes, decor, and ambiance. Retail stores can show products or storefront. Providing ample details gives customers a glimpse into your business.

You can also invite coworkers to access and manage your Google My Business listing for how to add a business to Google Maps. This allows you to collaborate on keeping your profile up-to-date.

Taking time to flesh out your business profile can really make your Google Maps presence shine for potential new local customers.

Monitor and Maintain Your Listing

Now that you’re on Google Maps, ongoing maintenance keeps your business visible and engaging for customers.

Regularly check your Google My Business listing for how to add a business to Google Maps to ensure all information is accurate and up to date. Update your hours if they change. Edit services if offerings are added or removed.

Actively respond to any customer reviews and questions that come in to show you value feedback. Positive interactions build trust.

Keep photos, descriptions and other details fresh and representative of your current business. If you renovate or rebrand, update for how to add a business to Google Maps accordingly.

You can also sync your Google Maps listing with Bing Places to maximize visibility across search engines. More exposure equals more potential customers.

While getting on Google Maps is a huge first step, savvy owners optimize and refresh their listings continually. Maintaining your Google My Business profile keeps driving new local traffic your way.

Key Takeaways: How to Add a Business to Google Maps

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Getting found on Google Maps delivers real results – more eyes on your business and more foot traffic through your door. Savvy local businesses must claim their place on the map to stay competitive.

We’ve equipped you with the knowledge needed to stake your Google Maps territory. From signing up for Google My Business to customizing and managing your listing, you have all the tools to shine online and drive offline sales.

What are you waiting for? Your customers are searching Google Maps right now, looking for businesses like yours. Don’t leave them wandering aimlessly. Meet their needs and become the go-to solution. Get started today on how to add a business to Google Maps – and let the queries and sales roll in!