Running a hotel takes more than just booking rooms these days. You need to provide five-star service to create raving fans who will return again and again. But how do you keep track of all your guests’ preferences and experiences when you’ve got a revolving door of new faces daily? The answer: CRM Software for Hotels!

CRM takes all that scattered guest data from surveys, reservations, and customer service interactions and brings it together into detailed profiles. Now you can get to know each guest on a personal level and wow them with the individualized attention they crave.

In this article, we’ll countdown the 9 best CRM software options made specifically for hotels large and small. You’ll discover the top platforms that help you boost direct bookings, increase repeat visits through loyalty programs, resolve issues promptly, and scale up your marketing promotions. With the right CRM, you can create lasting relationships and make every guest’s stay magical. Read on to transform your hotel’s customer service!

The Importance of CRM Software for Hotels

CRM Software for Hotels -

In today’s fiercely competitive hotel industry landscape, customer loyalty plays a pivotal role in sustaining success. A well-implemented CRM system allows hotels to nurture ongoing relationships with guests by anticipating their needs and exceeding expectations at every touchpoint.

By harnessing the power of CRM software, hotels can improve their understanding of each guest’s preferences and habits. This knowledge helps them deliver personalized recommendations for dining options, local attractions or activities tailored specifically to each guest’s interests.

Additionally, effective use of CRM technology enables hotels to offer perks like room upgrades or complimentary amenities based on past behavior or loyalty program status. Moreover, CRM software acts as a comprehensive database that stores historical data about guests’ past stays or interactions with the hotel staff.

This information empowers hoteliers to anticipate guests’ needs before they even express them explicitly. For example, if a regular customer usually requests extra pillows during their stays through previous notes recorded on the CRM system, the hotel staff can proactively ensure their room is equipped with the desired number of pillows upon arrival.

The 9 Best CRM Software for Hotels

1. Revinate

CRM Software for Hotels: Revinate

Specialized for hotels, automates marketing and provides guest insight for personalized campaigns.

Revinate is a CRM built from the ground up specifically for hotels. It specializes in guest data collection and marketing automation to drive direct bookings and repeat visits. Revinate builds rich guest profiles incorporating booking history, spend, preferences, and more from PMS systems and surveys. These insights power personalized email campaigns that speak to each guest. Revinate also monitors reviews across the web to help you track and manage your reputation.

With Revinate, you can segment guests based on myriad factors then target marketing for each group. It reduces the manual work of crafting emails while optimizing your messaging using data. For independent hotels or major chains, Revinate is the premium option to automate marketing and gain a competitive edge.

2. For-Sight

CRM Software for Hotels: For-Sight

Enables personalized guest messaging and feedback collection.

For-Sight provides the tools for hotels to get to know each guest on an individual level. Its CRM software centralizes guest data then activates it to personalize every interaction. For-Sight enables relevant, timely messaging tailored to each person. It also facilitates guest feedback collection through surveys, forms, and review monitoring.

This CRM equips staff to provide personalized service that delights guests. By tracking preferences and past interactions, hotels can surprise and delight each visitor. For-Sight also analyzes feedback to uncover opportunities to improve experiences. For boutique hotels aiming to provide individualized stays, For-Sight is a top choice.

3. Guestfolio

CRM Software for Hotels: Guestfolio

Combines guest data with marketing automation for a 360-degree guest view.

Guestfolio consolidates guest data from all touchpoints into comprehensive 360-degree profiles. This provides complete insight into each guest so hotels can cater to specific needs and preferences. Guestfolio then layers on marketing automation to activate the data.

Segmented emails, social ads, and other campaigns are triggered based on profile information and engagement. Guestfolio also offers tools to monitor your reputation across the web. For multi-location hotels, the centralized database is key for consistency. Overall, Guestfolio enables data-driven marketing to maximize guest lifetime value.

4. ZDirect (Acquired by Amadeus)

CRM Software for Hotels:

Acquired by TravelClick, provides guest profile building and dynamic messaging.

Now part of TravelClick’s hospitality suite, ZDirect equips hotels to create detailed guest profiles. It brings together data from reservations, ancillary spending, surveys, and more. These profiles power intelligent upsell recommendations and dynamic messaging tailored to each person.

ZDirect also seamlessly integrates with other systems to create a full view of each guest. With its profiling and personalization capabilities, ZDirect helps boutique hotels especially boost engagement and direct bookings. Its specialty is knowing your guests inside and out then activating that data through relevant communications.

5. Amadeus

CRM Software for Hotels: For-Sight

Handles large corporate events and prospecting.

For hotels that host large-scale corporate events, Amadeus is an ideal CRM choice. It centralizes event and meeting data to unite sales and operations teams. Amadeus optimizes the planning process for gatherings over 5,000 people.

The CRM also excels at sales prospecting to land new corporate clients. It provides shared databases so all staff have access to up-to-date client information. Overall, Amadeus creates alignment between departments while providing tools tailored to the complex B2B sales process.

6. Salesforce

CRM Software for Hotels: Salesforce

Dominant player with resources to enable personalized service.

As a leader in CRM, Salesforce offers a powerful hospitality solution. It facilitates detailed guest profiles for personalized marketing and service. Salesforce also enables branded mobile apps to extend the guest experience. With extensive resources and integrations, Salesforce can scale to meet the needs of massive hotel chains.

From automated email campaigns to service case management, Salesforce provides robust capabilities. It also connects to the broader Salesforce ecosystem for marketing, analytics, and beyond. For large hospitality enterprises, Salesforce is a trusted brand that can handle complexity.

7. Sales Suite by CendynCRM Software for Hotels: Cendyn

Updates staff on client info and handles RFPs.

Cendyn’s Sales Suite is designed for hotel sales teams courting corporate clients. It centralizes client data and makes it accessible on mobile for real-time updating. Sales Suite also smooths the RFP process to drive B2B bookings and events.

With company profiles, sales productivity tracking, and collaboration tools, Sales Suite aligns teams. It provides excellent support for complex B2B deals with long sales cycles. For hotels focused on the corporate event side, Sales Suite enables sales success.

8. Tripleseat

CRM Software for Hotels: Tripleseat

Focuses on event management including room bookings.

Tripleseat provides specialized support for hotel event sales and planning teams. Its CRM software handles group room blocks, catering/dining arrangements, and meeting space coordination all in one system. Tripleseat also produces detailed reports for optimizing sales processes.

While streamlining complex event logistics, Tripleseat also manages venue inventory. Plus it facilitates group reservations alongside individual bookings. For planners managing hotel spaces, Tripleseat delivers excellent group CRM and event management tools.

9. Freshsales

CRM Software for Hotels: Freshsales

Robust general CRM with email, telephony, and lead scoring.

For an industry-agnostic CRM, Freshsales is a great choice. It offers well-rounded capabilities for contact management, lead scoring, email marketing, and more. Freshsales centralizes communications channels like phone and email to unify guest interactions.

With campaign automation, task assignment, and collaboration features, Freshsales boosts sales team productivity. It provides the core CRM foundation that hotels can build upon. For independent properties without complex needs, Freshsales strikes the right balance of capabilities.

Wrapping Up: Choosing the Best CRM Software for Hotels

With so many options, finding the best CRM software for hotels can feel overwhelming. But now you’ve got the inside scoop on the top 9 solutions made for hospitality.

Whether you run a quaint boutique establishment or a massive chain of resorts, optimizing your customer relationships is critical. CRM software gives you the missing link to tie everything together—from personalized marketing to tailored service that delights.

Don’t let another guest slip through the cracks. Implement a hotel-focused CRM and provide experiences that turn one-time visitors into lifelong devotees. With the right platform serving your needs, you can build a thriving community of brand ambassadors who eagerly await their next stay. Choose the solution that best fits your vision, then watch as the 5-star reviews come pouring in!

Weigh the Features and Benefits

Different CRM software options offer varying features and benefits that can greatly impact your hotel’s success. Think about which functionalities are critical for your business operations. Do you require comprehensive service optimization tools like Amadeus Hospitality Suite (HotSOS)? 

Or do you prioritize mobile-friendly features for on-the-go management offered by Hotelogix PMS + CRM? Carefully evaluate each software’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to your specific needs. 

Take Integration into Account

Integration is another crucial aspect to consider when choosing a CRM software for your hotel. Look for systems that seamlessly integrate with existing property management systems or online travel agencies if such integrations are important in streamlining operations or boosting revenue. 

For instance, some CRMs offers integration with popular online travel agencies to simplify booking processes and ensure consistent data across platforms. Selecting the right CRM software is an important decision that can significantly impact your hotel’s efficiency and guest satisfaction. 

By considering your unique needs, weighing features and benefits, and taking integration possibilities into account, you can find a solution that enhances both guest experience and overall productivity within your establishment. Remember, with the right CRM software in place, you’ll be equipped to provide exceptional service and cultivate strong guest relationships, ultimately leading to greater success for your hotel.