An Introduction To Connective eCommerce

Connective eCommerce is a new and exciting concept that is revolutionizing the way online businesses operate. It refers to the practice of integrating different e-commerce channels and systems to provide a seamless and personalized shopping experience for customers.

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At its core, connective eCommerce is all about breaking down the silos that often exist between different online sales channels, such as social media, online marketplaces, and your website. By connecting these channels, you can create a cohesive and holistic customer experience that spans multiple touchpoints.

Cortney Fletcher, an entrepreneur, coined the term “connective eCommerce” to describe a risk-avoidance method she believes will help new business owners, especially women, succeed. Yet, opinions on its efficacy are split among specialists and internet commenters.

The core idea is that you can apply the principles to reduce expenses and risk for yourself if you’re creating an online business rather than paying a company to create “connective eCommerce” for you.

Understanding Connective eCommerce

Definition of Connective eCommerce

Connective eCommerce addresses the fact that there are 3 main areas where time and resources are wasted when creating an eCommerce business. 

  1. Hiring a web developer to create your website
  2. Storing inventory and doing fulfillment yourself
  3. Paying for advertisements off the jump and burning cash

Connective eCommerce is a method of selling online that removes these 3 areas of risk.

With connective eCommerce, at a high level, Fletcher proposed removing these 3 core areas of risk by doing the following:

  • Instead of employing a web developer, we use tools, instructions, and templates to quickly and easily build an eCommerce store with good conversion rates.
  • We have ways to find reputable suppliers who are willing to send your products on your behalf while you keep all the earnings, rather than keeping inventory and converting your garage into a fulfillment center.
  • Employ free strategies to increase traffic to your store rather than paying for adverts and hope for sales. You don’t have to continually invest money in advertising to test.

Building Your Own eCommerce Store

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Setting up an eCommerce store requires a small monthly hosting payment of $20-$30. Without a designer, building a professional-looking website is simple thanks to services like Shopify, BigCommere and WooCommerce.

Finding ways to entice customers to visit your website and online business is a tougher problem. If customers are unfamiliar with you or your goods, this is difficult. The main issue is how to build trust with others and draw them to you.

Figuring out how to advertise their online businesses is the main element that the majority of merchants lack. It won’t take off quickly, and it needs to grow organically since paid advertising would be too expensive.

The most prosperous online merchants already have a following on Instagram or YouTube. Instagram is a wonderful social media platform to create since it easily integrates with Shopify, making it simpler to direct customers to your website. The best customers are those that already know you, trust you, and have a relationship with you.

Inventory Management With Connective eCommerce

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Keeping an accurate inventory is laborious, that much is indisputable. The ability to acquire merchandise at the optimal price is the most important factor in determining your level of success. In addition to this, a large outlay of financial resources is necessary to stock inventory in warehouses.

You don’t need to keep inventory or turn your garage into a warehouse because there are options for connective eCommerce that allow you to find reliable suppliers who will ship your products.

The connective eCommerce method should have you thinking about dropshipping or affiliate marketing as a potential possibility. Both of these opportunities have a low barrier to entry and will provide you the opportunity to get practical knowledge about the myriad aspects of managing your eCommerce business. 

Advertising With Connective eCommerce

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In the same way as with website creation, the connective eCommerce approach says that it is not necessary to hire someone to accomplish the fundamentals of advertising for you, if you are really inexperienced in this area and also have a limited budget. 

The connective eCommerce approach suggests that you can tackle initial promotion of your business without spending large amounts of money on advertising. You don’t have to spend money on advertising and hope that it results in a monetary windfall when there are many no-cost methods available to increase website traffic. You can put any advertising on hold while you’re still in the testing phase.

Then, when you do decide to start running some Ads, the connective eCommerce approach suggests that you can start running the Ads and manage them yourself to begin with. You need to have the mental fortitude to tackle the learning curve and all of the setbacks that accompany it. In the end, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategies are always, to some extent, experimental and require ongoing monitoring and adjustment.

Connective eCommerce aims to assist you in validating your store in the shortest amount of time feasible. We want you to fine-tune your store’s messaging, services, and settings so that it is fully functioning and able to generate revenue.

You’re now in a position to reinvest in your business through the use of sponsored advertisements with the money you have earned by using strategies that do not require payment.

Your organization is now better maintained, your products are better suited for the market you are trying to reach, and your message has become more powerful.

The Connective eCommerce strategy provides your business with the opportunity for more consistent growth, as well as a more streamlined and certain path to achievement in the market.

Connective eCommerce may help your online business tackle all three of these concerns, which are outlined above, in order to reduce expenses and risks.

FAQs about connective eCommerce

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Who is Cortney Fletcher?

Cortney Fletcher is an online entrepreneur who became an eCommerce millionaire. She claims that her online jewelry business, Transcend, brings in up to $24,000 every day.

Is eCom babes a real thing?

Yes. Ecom Babes is an online course by Cortney Fletcher (The creator of the Connective eCommerce method). It is a six-week course that will teach you how to launch your own eCommerce business and get paying customers within a month with Shopify dropshipping.

Can You Start an eCommerce Business With No Money?

Although it is theoretically feasible to launch an online store with zero capital, doing so is extremely difficult. To create a successful and rewarding eCommerce business, it is common practice to allocate funds to essential functions including website creation, product development, marketing, and customer support. 

It might be tough to attract and retain customers and set yourself apart from the competition if you don’t make these investments. But, you may get your business off the ground with little to no outlay of capital by employing tactics like selling on internet marketplaces and making use of free website builders.

The Final Word on Connective eCommerce

Connective eCommerce is a unique approach to starting an eCommerce business for people who have extremely limited access to capital. While it is a nice methodology to follow, it does still requires knowledge about the fundamentals of web design and development, inventory management, and marketing & advertising. 

Will you be trying connective eCommerce?