So you’re looking for the best chatbot affiliate programs! If you’re into technology trends, you must be familiar with chatbots – computer programs that use artificial intelligence and NLP to chat with people through text or voice. 

As we navigate the landscape of customer support in 2023, chatbots have risen to prominence, gaining popularity in the business world as they drive efficiency and enhance user interaction.

If you’re a marketer investigating chatbot affiliate programs, you’re likely already acquainted with the functionality of chatbots and the concept of affiliate marketing. Essentially, affiliate programs establish a partnership between a business and a third-party promoter, or an “affiliate.” These affiliates endorse the company’s services or products, receiving financial rewards in return.

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We’re about to delve into the intricate world of chatbot affiliate programs, shedding light on the most effective methods to market and promote them to yield revenue. Even in 2023, with the the evolution of ai-powered chatbots, no-code chatbot options and chatGPT, its more important than ever to understand the various livechat options in this space.

We’ll survey the array of program types currently accessible, evaluate their perks, and broach the subject of how to initiate promoting them. So, with automation and bot technology leading the way, let’s dive right in.

Why Should You Promote Chatbot Affiliate Programs?

Chatbot affiliate programs offer a unique opportunity for affiliates to earn commissions by promoting chatbots to businesses. These programs are essential for several reasons:

  • Lucrative Commissions: Chatbot affiliate programs offer competitive commission rates, allowing affiliates to earn a significant income by promoting chatbots to businesses.
  • Growing Market: The chatbot market is expanding rapidly, providing vast opportunities for affiliates to promote chatbots to businesses of all sizes and industries.
  • Improved User Experience: Chatbots can help businesses improve their user experience by providing quick and efficient support, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Streamlined Operations: Chatbots can help businesses reduce response times and increase efficiency, leading to improved productivity and profitability.

In the next section, we’ll explore some of the top chatbot affiliate programs available and the benefits they offer.

The 5 Best Chatbot Affiliate Programs 

Now that you understand what chatbots are and why chatbot affiliate programs are important, let’s take a look at some of the top programs available.

1. LandBot

5 Best Chatbot Affiliate Programs -

LandBot is a chatbot builder that allows businesses to create conversational experiences for their customers. They offer a chatbot affiliate program that allows affiliates to earn a commission for each new paying customer they refer to the platform.

Overview of Program 

The LandBot affiliate program offers a 20% recurring commission for every sale referred by an affiliate. Affiliates are provided with a unique referral link that can be shared via social media, email, or other channels. The program also provides real-time reporting and analytics to help affiliates track their performance.

Commission Rate

The commission rate for the affiliate program is 30%. This means that if an affiliate refers a new paying customer who purchases a $100 per month subscription to, the affiliate would earn a commission of $30 per month for as long as the customer remains subscribed.

2. ManyChat

5 Best Chatbot Affiliate Programs: Manychat -

Next on our list of the best chatbot affiliate programs is ManyChat

ManyChat is a widely used chatbot building platform that facilitates the development and distribution of chatbots for use on multiple messaging apps, including Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messages, WhatsApp, and others. There have been over 6 billion chatbot conversations made possible by the platform’s 1.8 million members.

Overview of Program

As an affiliate of ManyChat, you can earn a commission for every new customer you refer to the platform. The program is free to join and offers several promotional materials and resources to help you promote ManyChat to your audience.

The ManyChat affiliate program uses a performance-based commission structure. You can earn a 25% recurring commission for each new customer you refer to the platform.

They also boast a 200% commission rate once your affiliates upgrade to their Pro plan. You will earn the full cost of their 2nd and 3rd month subscription. That’s a minimum of $30, with no upper limit.

The commission is paid out every month as long as the customer remains a paying user of ManyChat. This means that you can earn a passive income by promoting ManyChat to your audience.

Commission Rate

When you refer a new user to ManyChat, you’ll earn a 25% commission. If you refer a paying customer to ManyChat, you’ll get paid a monthly commission at the amount specified above for as long as that customer continues to be a paying user.

Sign up for ManyChat’s affiliate program on their website and wait for approval to start earning commissions. After being accepted, you’ll be given your own personal affiliate link and access to marketing materials to help spread the word about ManyChat. To help you thrive as an affiliate, ManyChat offers a variety of materials such as webinars, tutorials, and more.

3. Tidio

5 Best Chatbot Affiliate Programs: Tidio -

The next best chatbot affiliate program on our list comes from Tidio. Every big company could make use of Tidio’s integrated chatbot and live chat features. Similar to ManyChat, you can create, modify, and release chatbots for use on messaging services like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and more using this user-friendly platform. For those in need of a chatbot for your website or eCommerce platform, Tidio is a top pick.

Overview of Program

Tidio offers a highly rewarding affiliate program for those who want to earn money by promoting their chatbot and live chat software. Their commissions are lifetime commissions paid out in monthly installments. 

They also claim that the Tidio affiliate program is available to everyone. It is entirely free to join and offers promotional materials and resources to help you promote Tidio to your audience.

Commission Rate

Tidio’s affiliate program offers a commission rate of 30% for each new customer you refer to the platform. This commission is paid out every month as long as the customer remains a paying user of Tidio. This means that you can earn a passive income by promoting Tidio to your audience.

Additionally, Tidio provides affiliates with a 90-day cookie duration, which means that if someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase within 90 days, you will still receive a commission. Tidio also has a high customer retention rate, which means that customers are likely to remain paying users for an extended period.

To become a Tidio affiliate, you need to sign up for the program on their website and wait for approval. Once approved, you’ll gain access to your unique affiliate link and promotional materials that you can use to promote Tidio to your audience.

4. MobileMonkey

5 Best Chatbot Affiliate Programs: MobileMonkey -

Let’s take a closer look at the one of the next best chatbot affiliate programs on our list, MobileMonkey.

Overview of the Program

Create and deploy chatbots for Facebook Messenger, SMS, and web chat with the help of MobileMonkey, a chatbot platform for enterprise businesses. The platform’s intuitive UI makes it simple to create and swiftly roll out chatbots.

If you’re looking for a way to make money advertising chatbot platforms, look no further than MobileMonkey’s affiliate program. Simply by bringing new customers to MobileMonkey, you’ll be eligible to earn a commission as an affiliate.

Commission Rate

Each new customer you recommend to MobileMonkey earns you a 25% commission. As long as the consumer continues to be a paying user of MobileMonkey, you will continue to receive this commission on a monthly basis. You can also earn a 5% commission on every sub-referral, for life!

Referring new users to MobileMonkey, whose monthly plans start at $49, could be quite lucrative for you.

MobileMonkey offers a cookie lifespan of 90 days, so if a customer clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase within that time frame, you will receive a commission. There’s also a high rate of customer retention on the platform, which suggests that users are likely to continue paying for the service for a long time.

To become an affiliate for MobileMonkey, you’ll need to fill out the online application and wait for approval. 

5. BotPenguin

5 Best Chatbot Affiliate Programs: BotPenguin -

Last but not least on our list of the best chatbot affiliate programs is BotPenguin. BotPenguin offers one of the best chatbot affiliate programs around.

Overview of The Program

Websites, social networking platforms, and messaging applications all benefit from having a chatbot, and BotPenguin makes it simple for businesses to create their own. By using BotPenguin, businesses can streamline their customer service operations, increase their lead generation, and provide a better experience for their clientele.

When signing up as an affiliate with BotPenguin, you’ll be given a unique referral link to distribute to your audience and readers. If you share your referral link and someone uses it to sign up for a BotPenguin subscription, you’ll receive compensation.

Commission Rate

With one of the best commission rates in the chatbot market, the BotPenguin chatbot affiliate program is a great way to make money. Commission rates for affiliates working with BotPenguin range from 20% for every sale made to a referral. Customers using your unique referral link will also get a 10% discount!

Any new customer’s subscription to BotPenguin will continue to earn you a commission for as long as they keep paying.

The cookie duration for the BotPenguin affiliate program is 90 days. If a user joins BotPenguin using your referral link and pays for a membership within 90 days, you’ll still get paid. The fact that BotPenguin has a low churn rate implies that subscribers are more likely to remain paying clients for a long time. 

Comparing The Top Chatbot Affiliate Programs

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As we all know by now, becoming an affiliate for chatbot platforms is a popular option that lets you earn a commission by promoting their software. But it is still worth comparing our top picks to understand which might be the best program to promote for your unique needs.

Commission Rates

When it comes to commission rates, the programs vary widely. LandBot offers a 20% commission rate, which is on the lower end of the spectrum. ManyChat and Tidio offer a 30% commission rate, which is competitive in the industry. 

If earning a high commission is your top priority, ManyChat and Tidio may be the best option.

Payment Terms

Payment terms are a crucial consideration when selecting an affiliate program. LandBot, ManyChat, and Tidio all provide monthly payments, which is standard practice in the industry. 

BotPenguin also offers monthly payments but allows affiliates to request early payments if required. Overall, the payment terms of these programs are reliable and standard.

Marketing Materials

Your affiliate marketing results will be significantly affected by the quality and accessibility of promotional resources. Banners and logos are about all that you can get from LandBot in terms of promotional items. 

Email templates, landing sites, and other resources are just some of the extras that come with ManyChat. 

Tidio provides the same content, in addition to webinars and tutorials. 

Landing pages, email templates, social media images, and more are all part of MobileMonkey’s extensive suite of advertising tools. 

Articles, videos, social media postings, and email templates are just some of the marketing tools that can be found in BotPenguin’s huge library. 

While deciding on a program, the quality and availability of promotional materials may play a crucial role.

Support and Resources

The level of support and resources offered by each program can significantly impact your success as an affiliate. 

LandBot provides basic support via email but doesn’t offer much else in terms of resources. 

ManyChat offers more extensive support, including a Facebook community and access to a customer success team. 

Tidio offers similar support, along with webinars and tutorials. 

MobileMonkey provides a dedicated affiliate manager, as well as access to a resource library and private Facebook group. 

BotPenguin offers a range of support and resources, including a dedicated affiliate manager, webinars, tutorials, and more. 

If you value extensive support and resources, MobileMonkey and BotPenguin may be the best options.

Affiliate Marketing With Chatbots

By now, you’re probably starting to see how chatbots have become an instrumental tool for brands, including those that offer affiliate programs. These intelligent conversational agents can interact with users in a natural, human-like way, enhancing the customer experience and boosting your affiliate marketing campaign. As an affiliate partner, you can leverage chatbots to engage your audience, provide product recommendations, and even track conversions through an intuitive dashboard.

Creating a chatbot tailored to your affiliate program can significantly enhance your interactions with potential customers. This form of conversational marketing taps into the growing preference of consumers for instant, personalized communication. With the use of chatbot technology, digital marketers can provide quick, automated responses to frequently asked questions, guiding users through the purchasing process and even nudging them towards conversion. The integration of chatbot technology into your affiliate marketing and SEO strategy can therefore increase conversion rates and ultimately, affiliate income.

Chatbots are not limited to B2C interactions either. In the B2B realm, they can be instrumental in generating brand awareness and driving traffic to specific product pages. They can provide a quick guide to complex products or services, assist in scheduling demos, and even gather lead information. For digital marketers, the use of chatbots in affiliate marketing programs offers an opportunity to interact with audiences on a more personal level, fostering a stronger connection between the user and the brand.

The integration of chatbot technology into affiliate marketing is an innovative approach that continues to gain traction. By staying ahead of the curve, you can capitalize on the increased efficiency, improved customer experience, and the heightened engagement that chatbots offer. This could lead to an influx in affiliate income, a goal every digital marketer strives for.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chatbot Affiliate Programs

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What is the highest paying affiliate program?

It’s difficult to determine the highest paying affiliate program as it varies by industry and product. However, some programs, such as Tidio and Manychat, offer commission rates as high as 30%.

Are Chatbots profitable?

Chatbots may be useful for organizations because they streamline customer service and boost engagement and revenue. Chatbots can cut down on response times, boost customer satisfaction, and even bring in new leads by delivering rapid answers to consumer questions. 

As an added bonus, chatbots never take a break, so businesses can provide continuous help for their customers without hiring more people. The success of chatbots, however, is conditional on aspects such as how well they are conceived, built, and connected to other systems.

How much money can you make from affiliate programs?’

The amount of money you can make from affiliate programs varies widely and depends on several factors, such as the commission rate, the product or service being promoted, and the amount of traffic and conversions generated by your promotions. Some affiliates make only a few dollars per month, while others earn thousands or even millions of dollars per year.

Why do most chatbots fail?

Most chatbots fail due to poor design and implementation, a lack of human-like conversational capabilities, insufficient training data, and failure to meet user expectations.

Key Takeaways: The Best Chatbot Affiliate Programs

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Chatbot affiliate programs present a thrilling opportunity for affiliate marketers, blending the allure of the unknown with the prospect of marketing a state-of-the-art business solution while earning a passive income. As an affiliate partner, these programs often provide you with financial rewards, as well as access to marketing tools and other forms of support to help you get started.

With a plethora of chatbot affiliate programs to choose from, each offering distinct advantages and drawbacks, it can feel overwhelming. Excellent chatbot services such as LandBot, ManyChat, Tidio, MobileMonkey, and BotPenguin are renowned choices, offering competitive commission rates, dependable payment terms, and beneficial marketing resources.

The prospect of promoting chatbot affiliate programs shouldn’t be daunting; rather, it’s an invitation to embark on an exciting new journey to optimize any businesses workflow. By undertaking thorough research and selecting a program that aligns with your individual objectives, you can earn passive income and assist businesses in augmenting their customer engagement and sales with AI chatbots. So, whether you’re an influencer, part of a digital marketing agency, or an individual looking to automate a chatbot for marketing strategy, why not get started and see where this adventure leads? It could very well be the best affiliate opportunity you’ve explored!