Artificial intelligence is transforming entire industries, but many investors get priced out of the big AI players. With stocks like Nvidia over $100 per share, is affordable AI exposure just a pipe dream?

Not so fast. This definitive guide uncovers the top 17 artificial intelligence stocks under $10 right now. We’ll reveal some lesser known gems bringing AI to sectors like security, finance, healthcare, and more. You’ll discover proven penny stocks alongside speculative plays worthy of a small bet.

Join us as we map the lucrative landscape of affordable AI stocks. You’ll learn how to stake your claim in the AI goldrush without breaking the bank. With these cheap shares, you can gain exposure to one of the most potentially lucrative tech megatrends this decade. 

The future fortunes of AI start now – let’s uncover the top artificial intelligence stocks under $10 today!

The 17 Best Artificial Intelligence Stocks Under $10

Artificial Intelligence Stocks Under $10 -

1. Duos Technologies Group (DUOT)

Artificial Intelligence Stocks Under $10: Duos -

Technology: Duos develops AI-powered rail inspection systems leveraging computer vision and deep learning for automatic defect detection. This solves a major pain point for the rail industry in analyzing track infrastructure. Duos has extensive patented IP around its Railcar Inspection Portal technology.

Traction: Duos counts major railroads like CSX and BNSF as customers. Revenue grew 60% in 2021 on increased demand for its AI inspection tech. New contracts in 2022 highlight growing commercial adoption.

Team: The executive team has deep expertise in rail, engineering, and technology. CEO Gianni Arcaini previously led tech and operations for several major rail companies. This domain expertise is key to product traction.


2. Veritone (VERI)

Artificial Intelligence Stocks Under $10: Veritone -

Technology: Veritone’s aiWARE platform leverages AI and machine learning to analyze structured and unstructured data. Real-world apps include facial recognition, object detection, and natural language processing.

Traction: Veritone has secured high-profile media licensing deals and partnerships with Toyota, CBS, Fox Sports to deploy its AI technology. Revenue grew 124% in 2021.

Team: CEO Chad Steelberg co-invented aiWARE and has led Veritone since its founding. He is supported by a seasoned executive team with AI, media, and marketing expertise critical to Veritone’s growth.


3. Rekor Systems (REKR)

Artificial Intelligence Stocks Under $10: Rekor Systems -

Technology: Rekor applies AI and machine learning to real-time vehicle recognition and advanced traffic analytics. This provides tangible benefits for road safety and transportation management.

Traction: Rekor’s solutions have been deployed across cities, law enforcement agencies, and private infrastructure. A contract with Oklahoma Highway patrol in 2021 highlights market traction.

Team: CEO Robert Berman has overseen impressive enterprise sales growth since taking the helm in 2019. The executive team combines deep expertise in transportation, public sector, and technology.


4. Remark Holdings (MARK)

Artificial Intelligence Stocks Under $10: Remark Holdings -

Technology: Remark AI utilizes computer vision and deep learning for facial recognition, object detection, image and video analysis. Apps include retail analytics and public safety.

Traction: Remark AI is deployed across casinos, airports, banks, and law enforcement in Asia. Landmark deals with China Mobile and TravelSky expand the product’s reach.

Team: CEO Kai-Shing Tao is a serial entrepreneur with decades of experience building tech companies and leading them to acquisition. He has assembled an impressive team to scale Remark’s AI.


5. SoundHound AI (SOUN)

Artificial Intelligence Stocks Under $10: Soundhound AI -

Technology: SoundHound has an advanced conversational AI platform that can understand complex natural language. Key features include voice recognition, wake words, and natural language understanding.

Traction: SoundHound’s technology powers voice AI solutions for brands like Mercedes, Deutsche Telekom, and Pandora with 125M+ users. Revenue grew 52% in 2021.

Team: Founder/CEO Keyvan Mohajer pioneered SoundHound’s speech recognition engine. He has attracted top AI talent from Amazon, Google, and Apple to round out a capable executive team.


6. Nerdy (NRDY)

Artificial Intelligence Stocks Under $10: Nerdy -

Technology: Nerdy applies AI and machine learning to customize lessons and tutoring programs for K-12 and college students. Their adaptive learning tech provides personalized education at scale.

Traction: Nerdy’s online learning platform serves over 3 million students and has demonstrated learning gains. Revenue grew 51% in 2021. A partnership with unicorn Outschool validates the technology.

Team: Founders Charles Cohen and Ted Weinstein have strong product development and education technology expertise. The executive team includes veterans from leading education companies like Aloha, TutorMe, and Chegg.


7. CooTek (CTK)

Artificial Intelligence Stocks Under $10: CooTeck -

Technology: CooTek develops AI-powered mobile applications including content recommendation engines and virtual keyboards. The apps leverage natural language processing and neural networks.

Traction: CooTek’s apps have over 100 million global downloads. Partnerships with Yahoo and Amazon Web Services demonstrate confidence in their technology.

Team: Founder and CEO Karl Zhang has overseen CooTek’s growth into a leading mobile AI company. He is supported by a senior team with deep experience in AI R&D and mobile product development.


8. (BBAI)


Technology: offers AI-powered analytics and cyber engineering solutions. Key capabilities include machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing.

Traction: supports mission-critical applications for government agencies including the DoD and DHS. This highlights the unique value of their technology.

Team: Founder and CEO Dr. Reggie Brothers has decades of experience in defense technology from senior roles with the DoD. He has assembled a skilled technical team to solve complex government challenges.


9. Palantir Technologies (PLTR)

Artificial Intelligence Stocks Under $10: -

Technology: Palantir’s software integrates and analyzes disparate data sources using AI, strengthening decision-making and operations for organizations.

Traction: Palantir has secured major deals with government, healthcare, and financial services institutions to deploy its technology. 2021 sales grew 41%.

Team: Founders and executives include technologists from Stanford, PayPal, and IBM’s AI lab. Their pedigrees lend credibility in selling AI software to large enterprises.


10. Predictive Oncology (POAI)

Artificial Intelligence Stocks Under $10: Predictive Oncology -

Technology: Predictive Oncology uses AI to develop personalized cancer therapies, integrating genomic and molecular data to improve treatments.

Traction: Though early stage and unprofitable, Predictive has seen increasing clinical interest and pilot usage for its AI cancer drug discovery systems.

Team: The management team combines clinical expertise with AI, biotech, and genomics experience from PPD, Invivoscribe, and Rosetta Genomics.


11. Oblong (OBLG)

Artificial Intelligence Stocks Under $10: Oblong -

Technology: Oblong develops collaborative videoconferencing and virtual meeting room technologies using gesture and spatial recognition powered by AI. Their tech aims to replicate in-person interactions.

Traction: Oblong has partnered with leading hardware manufactures like Cisco and HPE to integrate their platform. Several Fortune 500 companies have deployed Oblong’s AI-enhanced collaboration tools.

Team: Co-founders and executives have backgrounds spanning computer science, visual design, mechanical engineering, and business. This diverse expertise enables Oblong’s innovative hybrid hardware and AI software.


12. Ideanomics (IDEX)

Artificial Intelligence Stocks Under $10: Ideanomics -

Technology: Ideanomics acquires and develops AI and fintech companies working on machine learning, digital security, big data analytics, and more. This provides diverse exposure to cutting-edge technologies.

Traction: Ideanomics has made investments across electric vehicles, digital banking, and insurance tech, reflecting the promise it sees in AI to transform these industries.

Team: CEO Alf Poor has over 30 years of executive experience in finance, technology, and capital markets. His deal-making prowess provides access to exciting startups with emerging AI tech.


13. Amesite (AMST)

Artificial Intelligence Stocks Under $10: Amesite -

Technology: Amesite offers an AI-driven platform for creating smart online courses and virtual classrooms. The tech personalizes content delivery and enables scalable digital education.

Traction: The University of Michigan and other institutions use Amesite’s platform, validating its value proposition. However, commercial traction is still modest.

Team: Founder/CEO AnnMarie Thomas has an impressive background leading AI initiatives at the University of Michigan. She assembled a skilled edtech team including alumni from Coursera and Khan Academy.


14. Qudian (QD)

Artificial Intelligence Stocks Under $10: Qudian -

Technology: Qudian uses machine learning algorithms to assess creditworthiness for consumer loans in China. This empowers inclusive access to lending in emerging markets.

Traction: Regulatory changes have negatively impacted Qudian’s growth. But its AI credit scoring provides technology with real-world financial inclusion benefits.

Team: Founder/CEO Min Luo has successfully scaled Qudian’s AI lending platform and managed transitions in a challenging regulatory environment. His vision for AI-driven finance is compelling.


15. Splunk (SPLK)

Artificial Intelligence Stocks Under $10: Splunk -

Technology: Splunk’s software leverages machine learning to collect, analyze, and visualize data to provide businesses with actionable real-time insights.

Traction: Splunk has over 20,000 customers including over 85 Fortune 100 companies like eBay, Slack, and AWS. But recent growth has been muted.

Team: CEO Gary Steele previously led Proofpoint. He has refocused the company on cloud and AI capabilities after recent struggles. The executive team has strong enterprise software DNA.


16. AgEagle Aerial Systems (UAVS)

Artificial Intelligence Stocks Under $10: AgEagle -

AgEagle makes drones and sensors for agriculture, industrial inspection, and package delivery. Their systems integrate computer vision, deep learning, and other AI technologies for aerial data analysis. AgEagle is still early stage but rapidly growing


17. Micron Technology (MU)

Artificial Intelligence Stocks Under $10: Cogniac -

Micron manufactures advanced memory and storage solutions needed to power AI applications. As a leading DRAM and NAND supplier, Micron provides the data center infrastructure for training complex deep learning models. Its technology supports AI development.

Wrapping Up: The Best Artificial Intelligence Stocks Under $10

The AI goldrush is clearly underway, but expensive stocks shut most investors out. As we’ve revealed, hidden gems trading under $10 can provide affordable exposure to this unstoppable megatrend.

These artificial intelligence stocks bring AI to transportation, lending, security, collaboration, and more. While risks exist as with any penny stock, the technology and talent showcase tremendous potential. With little investment required, you can add AI to your portfolio via these equities primed for disruption.

Don’t let the big names dominate all the AI returns. Small companies also dream big – and have developed transformative technology in the process. Now is the time to stake your claim alongside visionary founders aiming to strike AI fortune. Keep a close eye on these artificial intelligence stocks under $10 as we watch this technology shape the future. The next tech giant could be quietly coding among these promising penny stocks!